In Love With The Wrong One

hi i am Alex and I was just walking on the street when i got kidnapped! and my kidnapper is in love wtih me but i am in love with the wrong one!


8. finally!

Chapter 8


Alex POV.

I've decided that I'm no longer afraid of Louis. I also decided to ask Calum out. And I'm going to ask him right now. I walk to the arena where the boys are preparing for the concert tonight. I walk in and see that Calum, Luke, Asthon and Michael are done with rehearsol and that the others are going te start right now. Good, then Louis can't stop me. I walk back stage to Calum.
Hey Calum it's your girlfriend, Luke says.
Haha funny Luke, Calum says with a red head.
Hi Calum can I talk to you? I ask.
Yeah, of course, he says.
Oehh Calum, going to "talk" with your girlfriend? the boys 
say teasingly, Calum is now redder then he just was. We walk away from the boys so they can't hear us. 
I wanted to talk to you because we
aren't speaking a lot, if you don't count the texting. 
But the reason that we have not talked so often comes through Louis.
He is in fact very euhh ... (I have to think of something, i say in my head) because... because he wants to protect me from everything and everyone that could hurt me, I say.
Yeah but Alex I would never hurt you so why would Louis think that? he asks. And why does he wants to protect you? 

Well, because he and I have been through things together, and now he wants me for himself because he knows that he will never hurt me, I say.
But whe are just friend how cares about each other, nothing more nothing less, i say.
So your just friends? he ask.
Yeah like i said haha, i said.
And you aren't dating anybody? he ask a bit shy.
No i'm not dating anybody rigth now, i say a bit 
Then i want to ask you something, Calum says with a smile.
And that is? i ask.
Dear Alex, Would you like to go out with me? he ask with a fancy voice.
Yes, i say al little to soft.
Uh Alex a can't hear you he said with a smile. I know he can hear it but i just say it again to make him happy.
YES, i
practically yell. 

Everyone must have heard because everyone looks at me and Calum. Even Louis and the other 1D boys. I give Calum a hug and a kiss on his cheek.
I was going to ask you out, but you asked faster than me haha, I say. Just when I want to say something to Calum, his annoying bandmates come over to us.
And what is this conversation about with you lovebirds, Asthon asks with a smile. With his annoying smile!
Oh just, how to kick a boy in the Nuts when he is annoying, I say with a smile on my face looking at Asthon. Calum and the other 2 starts laughing and Asthon looks at me weirdfaced.
Were you talking about me? he asks.
Nope it just seems like it, I say sarcastically.
Oh, I am going to keep my mouth, Asthon says.
Smart boy, i say to him.
And? has
one of you two anything to say to me or Calum? I ask Luke and Michael.
Yeah. Use protection, Michael says. And once he said it, he and the other two ran away, laughing. I look
embarrassing to Calum and he looks at me a little embarrassing to. 

Sorry for that, he says.
Why are you sorry, you can not help it that Michael is oversexed, i say with a smile on my face.
Yes that's true, he says laughing.
But about our date ... can I surprise you with what we're going to do because I know something, but i want it to be a surprise, Calum says  with his cute smile on his face.
Yeah okay, I say.
But I have to go, the Louis and the boys are done and they 
probably wonder why I'm not on the bus, I say.
Okay I'll text you the details, he says.
Okay, i say with a huge smile on my face. And with that a walked of.


(authors note: hey guys, can you tell me in the comments if my english is realy bad or just a little. Thanks anyway, xx)

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