In Love With The Wrong One

hi i am Alex and I was just walking on the street when i got kidnapped! and my kidnapper is in love wtih me but i am in love with the wrong one!


5. 5sos?!

chapter 5

2 months later.

Alex POV.

I'm tied up in the tour bus of the boys. I had closed myself in the attic until we would go away. I had hoped that the boys had forgotten me because I had a lot of food stored in the attic. I'm so quiet as i could have been and the guys have never come look after me. And the day that we would go away, I hid behind my closet. The boys have searched for hours. I had to make an effort not to laugh. But when Niall fell to the ground because he tripped over his own shoes, he looked under the closet and saw my feet behind it. And now here we are. They just didn't get me so easily in the bus. We are on our way to the plane and I keep angrily watching the boys. But it stops working al long time ago because Zayn couldn't stop laughing because I supposedly could not look angry. But I still do it. 
The bus stops and we continue for about 3 minutes on the bus. Till they tell us m that we can go in to the plane. The guys make the ropes loose and Liam linking my arm with his.
As we walk toward the plane, I see paparazzi.
They all ask dumb questions like, Liam who is this?
Are you dating? Before I can say only one word I've been on the plane. 

But just when i want to say something to the boys, the door opens and there will be four boys walked inside. 
Hey guys.
We wanted to see how it goes with you, says the cute blonde one. 
Oh okay it goes well with us, Harry said.
And you?
Also go... who is this? asks the mega cute brown-haired one.
Oh, this is Alex. 
Alex this is our program, 5 Seconds Of Summer.
Alax this is Luke, Asthon, Michael and Calum. So that cute brown-haired is Calum.

Hi, I say.
Hey, they all say. I look at the four guys and see that they are very clever (like 1D). But something about Calum's just hot. As I look towards Calum, I see him looking back. We look at each other a few seconds, until Louis decides to intervene.
So ... are you excited about the tour guys? They all talk together about how excited they are about the tour except Calum. Calum does not pay attention what Louis asked. He still looks at... me? Why is he looking at me? I find myself every few seconds looking back to Calum. But then we hear that the plane is about to leave and the boys have their own plane so they had to go. 
Just when the rest leaves Calum comes over to me.
Hey can I have your number?
So we can talk with each other on the plane and stuff, he says with a red head.
Yes of course, I say a little too enthusiastic. I give him my number and  when he is gone and the door is shut again ill go sit down again.


(Authors note: hey, I just wanted to say that I am sorry if my english is not super good, I'm from the Netherlands and I can understand English, but I'm not good at grammar. So that I wanted to say)


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