Behind a Pretty Face.

You know those girls you see and your first thought is how stuck up they are?


1. Hard Times

When my mother found out she was pregnant with a baby she was so happy but when the news hit my father. He left.

He left my mum because of that baby, because of me. She had friends who helped her through it all and after I was born she found love again. But with my birth came more complications. I was later diagnosed with reflux of the blather and found out I had abnormal obrans/insides. As years went on and I grew up more unraveled, it was confirmed I had ADHD, ADD. At this point I was 5.

I have 3 brothers now the oldest was Joshua then there was me, Mitchell and kyran.

So of corse we didn't have a lot of money, four kids to feed, medical bills, power water ect.

We struggled and I blamed myself. Wouldn't you?

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