Behind a Pretty Face.

You know those girls you see and your first thought is how stuck up they are?


4. crazy

Last night I was going crazy. I wanted to grab a knife stab it into my lower leg and drag it all the way up. I was scared I was going to take my life so I asked mum to take me to hospital.

The first hospital we went to is the local one, they sent me to a bigger hospital not far. We where there for a few hours. I had lost the battle with myself, I just wanted to go home an cut. I didn't want help now. When a doctor from mental health came he wanted to send me to Melbourne. But he wanted me to come back the next day so he gave me a sleeping pill so I wouldn't cut.

I slept with my mum because my room wasn't safe.

I had a few blades, a pocket knife and a bunch of lighters.

Dad found my collection of pills for when I want to commit suicide.

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