Everything Changes

Maybe everything will be the same? Maybe everything will go back to normal? Maybe Jason can learn how to perfectly swing a spiked club into a zombies head? The world is changing fast but nobody knows why, yet survivors are seeming to last pretty long... If they don't get bit. This is the story of 15 year old Jason trying to survive the zombie apocalypse with his close friends Alex, Ashley, Valerie, Julie, Jack, Crystal, Brandon, Thomas, and Victoria.


1. The Two Friends

A young man is seen sitting on a wood stump surrounded by others trees. "When can we get out of this creepy ass forest? I'm getting the chills." Jason said. "We will leave when I can actually kill us a deer." Alex said glumly. Jason is a teenager age 15 about 5' 7" with deep blue eyes and brown messy hair. His best friend, Alex is about the same height, brown eyes, same age, and black, short curly-like hair. Some rustling was heard in the bushes nearby. Both teens stood quickly as they looked in the same direction. Jason's katana was at the ready while Alex drew back his bow. They stood there for what seemed like 10 minutes holding their breath. At last a little rabbit hopped out of the bushes. Alex quickly shot it and walked over to pull out the arrow. "Nice shot." Jason said. "Like always." Alex answered. Jason playfully punched him in the arm and they started walking home. As they started walking Alex broke the silence, "So how are you and 'it' going so far?" He said with a grin. Jason shot him a look that said 'shut up' and they kept walking. "It" was code word for Julie a.k.a Jason's crush. Julie was 5' 5" brown hair that went a little past her shoulders and brown eyes. They had known each other since they were 3 but ever since she had made new friends they started drifting apart. Jason, and Alex had stumbled upon her while they were out looking for supplies. They had come across her in a drug store hiding in the back. Both of her friends died when the infection had started. Shaking away the thought, Jason continued on walking.

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