Everything Changes

Maybe everything will be the same? Maybe everything will go back to normal? Maybe Jason can learn how to perfectly swing a spiked club into a zombies head? The world is changing fast but nobody knows why, yet survivors are seeming to last pretty long... If they don't get bit. This is the story of 15 year old Jason trying to survive the zombie apocalypse with his close friends Alex, Ashley, Valerie, Julie, Jack, Crystal, Brandon, Thomas, and Victoria.


2. Meet The Gang

Jason looked up to see the house in front of him. A white house with a brown roof surrounded by a fence that reached his waist. It wasn't to much defense but it lasted a while. As he opened up the gate door to walk into the yard, Alex stepped in after him. Jason locked the fence door and Alex continued towards the door. Just as his hand reached to open it, a figured opened the door and jumped out at him. Jason pulled out his katana faster than lightning and held it over the attacker until he realized it was just his friend, Jack. Jack was about 5' 4" black, straight hair, 14 years old, and hazel eyes. Jack chuckled and said, "You gotta always be prepared bro." to Alex. Alex glared at him and said, "I'm tired ok?" Jason nodded his head as he passed him. As they walked in the door, they set their packs down on the couch in the sitting room. They walked in to the dusty kitchen that was almost empty of food. Alex took the rabbit to the backyard to try to cook it while Jason started chatting with Jack. "So any problems with outsiders today?" Jason asked. "No but I noticed we have to start being rational with our water supply. We are lucky if we have enough to last us a week." Jack replied. Jason looked at the floor thinking of somewhere to get more water. The only place he knew was at the lake which was about 20 miles away. The last time they had gone, Alex almost got eaten picking up some canned foods they found in an abandoned house. They heard foot steps coming down the hall and Julie appeared from around the corner. She looked at him then walked over and threw her arms around him. Jason returned the hug and blushed a little. "Find anything today?" she said. Jason shook his head and said, "Got a rabbit that probably serves three." Food was hard to come around now these days. They heard a scream coming from the backyard and the 3 of them ran back there. A young girl of age 15, 5' 5", black hair that went past her shoulders a little bit, and brown eyes was looking at the dead rabbit in Alex's hand in disgust. "How could you kill such an innocent animal?" She questioned angrily. Alex replied, "Well do you want food for tonight or not?" She stormed inside and Julie followed her. Jack  walked by Alex, picked up the rabbit and sat at a table. He pulled out a short dagger from a hilt on his waist and began skinning the rabbit. Alex joined him and pulled out his dagger from his hilt. The boys have them but the girls never carry them while at the house. 'I wonder where Brandon could be?' Jason thought. He walked into the house, past the girls, and down the hall into a room where a teen of age 16, 5' 9", black hair like Ashley's, and blue eyes, that were darker than Jason's, stood over a map on a desk. The map covered the whole city and showed which routes were safe and which were not, which were drawn by Brandon him self. Brandon looked up at Jason and said, "Find anything new?" Jason looked towards the ground glumly and said, "Not this time." Brandon's gaze wandered toward the map but he seemed to be looking around the desk as if something was troubling him. "Alright come on tell me." Jason said. Brandon looked at him with a confused look. Jason said, "You can't hide it I know something is wrong." Brandon let out a sigh and said, "Well... It's just that... I like Ashley but I don't know if she likes me back."

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