My love


3. 3


Sloane/ hey:p I'm ready

Liam/ ;) okay me and Louis are on our way

Sloane/ yay!

Liam: you didn't hear this from me but Zayn likes coti

Sloane/ omg coti likes him the best out of all of you guys and Logan likes Niall

Liam/ Niall hasn't shut up about Logan

Sloane/ who does harry like?

Liam/ I don't know but u should text him

Sloane/ omg what if all five of us end up with all five of you

Liam/ yea that would be cool

Sloane/ haha well I'm going to listen to music while I wait for you

Liam/ oh well I'm hear now

Sloane/ okay well I'll get Amelia

I ran upstairs and grabbed my purse and then ran back down and screamed at Amelia



she ran out from the hallway and looked at me then the doorbell rang Logan ran to the door and opened it all give of the boys were in the doorway Logan turned bright red when she saw Niall

Liam/ hi Logan the other three boys said they wanted to hang out with you guys

Logan/ oh sure

I smiled and walked over to liam I hugged him then Caden walked out she was eating icecream Her mouth dropped and she walked back into the kitchen

Harry/ CADEN!!!! I want to hang out with you

Caden/ ME?!?!

Harry walked into the kitchen I guess the fell inlove because they both walked out at the same time me liam Louis and Amelia all left and went out to the car I sat up front next to liam and Louis and Amelia where in the back there song story of my life came on and I started to sing it

Sloane/ The story of my life I'll take her home I'll drive all night to keep her worm and time is frozen

Liam/ wow you are amazing

Sloane/ no

I blushed we turned into a bunch of apartments and we parked I guess we were here

AN/ sorry it's short but it's late and I can't sleep

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