My love


2. 2

We got off ten plane and went to the baggage claim we grabed our multiple bags because we had just Moved and started to walk off when some one was screaming to me

Some guy: Miss you left a bag

I turned around and looked at him it was Liam I set down my bags I had 5 not including the one he had I walked closer to humans grabbed my bag

Sloane: thanks I need that bag

Liam: do you need help carrying those

Sloane: yes please

Liam: okay hand me some

We started to walk off when Louis ran behind Liam

Louis: damn the girls are acting crazy mate; who are these lady's

Liam: sorry I didn't catch your name

Sloane: I'm sloane Smith and this is Amelia smith

Liam: are you guys twins

Sloane: just best friends that have the same last name haha

Liam: oh well do you guys need a ride home

Sloane: sure

Liam: we will take u let me call Harry and see where they are

He called Harry and talked to him me and Amelia talked about how crazy this was he got off the phone and we all met up I introduced my self to them and we knew who they were they drove us home we had a big house because we were rooming with 3 other girls named Caden,Coti,and Logan we were in the car and I was sitting next to Liam

Liam: hey sloane what's you phone number

Sloane 1-321-865-2349

Liam: ok mine is 5-276-986-2346

Sloane: cool I'll text you

Louis and Amelia exchanged numbers and we all talked until we got to our huge house

Zayn: Damn that's a big house

Sloane: yea it is wow

We walked up to the door and the boys carried our stuff and we knocked on the door a pretty girl opened it

Logan: hi I'm Logan and u must me sloane and Amelia smith come in

We walked in and then she relized who our bag carriers were she only stared then walked over to the couch

Logan: sloane your room is upstairs and Amelia your room is down the hall

We walked to our rooms they had a queen sized bed a dresser with a mirror above it and a walk in closet Liam pit my stuff down on my bed

Liam: do you need help unpacking

Sloane: if you would

He helped me unpack and then sat on my bed

Sloane: thank you Liam

Liam: no problem. Hey, would you want to go on a date with me tonight

Sloane: sure where to

Liam: my flat I could cook you dinner and we can watch movies

Sloane: ok what time

Liam 6:30 tonight

Sloane: ok sure

Liam: oh how old are you by the way

Sloane: 19

Liam: great it leagle

He got up and hugged me befor he left with the boys we all exchanged phone numbers so I had all of there's after they left all the girls ran up to my room even Amelia who had been asked out by Louis but the other girls asked me questions about what happened and I answered them

Sloane: help me pick out an outfit I only have 45 min

We picked out a pair of jeans and a crop top I hoped in the shower that me and coti shared and I just washed my hair and stuff then got out and got ready when I finished I sat on my bed and texted Liam

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