Rising YouTubers

2 average 14 year olds. Annie the athletic, yet very nerdy, shy, and crazy girl and her best friend Claire the Athletic, Cool, out going, fashionable girl. 2 almost complete opposites have a new rising Youtube channel. This is their story of Achieving their one dream of becoming a rising youtuber.


3. vlogging with hayes



"Chapter 3 


Running down the steps. I entered the kitchen seeing what used to be enchiladas almost all over the boys and the kitchen. "What the hell." I mumble walking through the mess. bring my fingers to the bridge of my nose and pinching it i rise my eyebrows wanting an explanation on how the food and microwave exploded.

"MIKEY DID IT!!!" they all scream pointing to one guy.

"WAIT NO I DIDN'T!!! NASH DID!!!" He said throwing his hands in a surrender pose. I just stare at them arguing when one try's to move and falls. I laugh making them stop and look at me totally forgetting I was here. (feeling the love guys feeling the love)

Fixing my beanie on my head I lean on the nearby wall which I am gladly to say wasn't covered in food. they just stare at me making me till my eyes when my phone gets alert. looking to see it was a YouTube alert and a text from Claire i walk out of the kitchen replying telling her I uploaded a small video. After grabbing my laptop and camera i walk back into the kitchen seeing the boys throwing the food sighing and ducking when some was aimed at my head i walk out safely hiding my friends (yes they are my friends don't judge). i walk back into the kitchen. "hey! HEY!! HEEEYY!!!' i scream making them stop "who's cleaning?"

instantly they pointed to the beanie guy handing him the mop i walk out grabbing my lap top and camera i head outside. "HEY WAIT UP!" turning around i see i think Hayes jigging to me.

"um hi?" i say starting to walk again my shyness showing throw.

"i'm Hay-" when my phone dings indicating i have a new YouTube alert.

"sorry" i say looking down "just a stupid YouTube alert" i say fixing my hat.

"Oh cool you have a YouTube channel?" he asks i nod continuing walking wanting to go to a near by park "i'm a viner pretty popular too maybe you heard of me?" he asks raising his eyebrow.

shaking my head no "sorry don't have a vine just a YouTube and twitter' i say giving him a small smile.

"so what are you doing and where are you going?" he asks looking around but soon realizes we are in the back yard.

"well we are in the back yard" i say spreading my arms out wide making him face palm "and i'm going to vlog or something wanna help?" i ask

"Ya sure!" he says i lead him to a shady tree and sitting down quickly setting everything up i start my camera up.

"HEY MY UNICORNS!!!" I say doing jazz hands

"really unicorns Annie?"

"Yes now shut up" i say sticking my tongue out "well i have a guest you might of seen his name is..."

"I'M HAYES GRIER" he says doing Jazz hands

"yo jazz hands are my thing" i say playfully pushing him making him push when i deck him making him fall and me laugh.

"anyways i'm going to do a first time tag since Claire isn't here and i have a new partner right now so HAYES GET OFF THE GROUND!!!" i yell pulling him up. "But, instead he will be answering my questions. HAYES I DON'T CARE IF YOU DID THIS ALREADY YOU ARE DOING IT AGAIN!!!!" i said pulling out my phone and opening twitter making Hayes push me a little making me laugh.

"Okay your first kiss?" he said

"As I said in my other video I never had one :) the Oreo queen is still innocent!!" *fist pumps air*

"Okay first time You almost died?" I looked at him funny

"Fuck" I said pushing him *beeped out*

"Um well I almost die a lot but maybe a couple of years ago when I was playing chicken. for all those people who don't know what it is, is that you and some other people stand in the road and wait for a car and when the car come the last person who jumps out of the way wins. well I was the last person but I actually almost got hit.... ya not the smartest thing ever." I say looking down.

"Aww look at the Oreo queen blushing!!" Hayes says pinching my cheek. swatting his hand away and blushing a deeper red I make a mental note to fix that on my computer.

"Okay Hayes give me another question!" I said when I hear footsteps behind us.

"Okay what was your first rate-"

DOUBLE SMACK CAM!!!!" screamed beanie and Hayes brother I duck missing the snack and Hayes gets a whip cream to the cheek. we are all laughing while Hayes chases his brother Nash? I think that's the dudes name.

Shaking my head I grab my stuff standing up. "soo your a youtuber?"

I turn to see beanie talking to me. you know what I think iI'll call him that for now on beanie. ya I like that name beanie.. rolls off the tongue right hmm I wan some candy ill go get-

"Um did you hear me?"

"Oh ya sorry Beanie." I said "ya I'm a new one but kinda popular I guess." I said shrugging.

"Beanie?" he said

"Ya I don't remember your name so that's your nickname." I said tapping y foot impatiently cause I want some CANDY!

"Oh well I'm a youtuber too I'm mikey Murphy"


he says laughing "I'm a vlogger same-" when my phone starts ringing I take my phone out seeing its Claire

"One second" I said giving him an 
apologetic smile and answering.

"Hey Claire what's up?" I asked but was answered by ear bleeding scream. "HOLY SHIT CLAIRE ARE YOU DYEING?!?! SOMEONE CALL TE POLICE 911!!!!" when I hear laughter. "Claire?" I said

"I GOT US MAGCON TICKETS!!!" she screamed

"Really?!? You better not be joking!!!

Of COURSE NOT!! WHY WOULD I BE JOKING ABOUT THIS?!?!?" she screams by now i'm jumping up and down fangirling and she is too since sh is squealing and i can hear small thumping noises or is that my feet?or maybe its a zombie!! wait there isn't such thing as a zombie...right?

"wait! do you know who Mikey Murphy-"

"YOU MET MIKEY MURPHY?!?!?" she screams in my ear, bringing my cell away from my ear still hearing her ramble on and on and on and on and i think you got the point. 

"um ya he's here in north carolina" i said when my phone starts beeping indicating my phone is dying "crap" i mutter "gotta go Claire"

"WAIT!! Annie Wait!!!

"sorry Claire!"

"Wait-" and with that i hang up walking sighing i look out side seeing the sunset. i go upstairs switching into some pj's and sitting down on the couch after putting Pirates of the Caribbean in (took 30 mins -_-) when the boys walk in and sit down with me trying to steal my popcorn... key word try i ended up biting and swatting away some hands and throwing popcorn at some faces along with that..... XP suckers when i get a ding looking i decide to set up a meet and greet at a local mall...... dang worse idea ever....well after downloading flappy birds WHY CAN'T YOU FLY LIKE A REGULAR BIRD YOU DUMB ASS!!!!!!

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