Rising YouTubers

2 average 14 year olds. Annie the athletic, yet very nerdy, shy, and crazy girl and her best friend Claire the Athletic, Cool, out going, fashionable girl. 2 almost complete opposites have a new rising Youtube channel. This is their story of Achieving their one dream of becoming a rising youtuber.


2. meeting youtubers.... and acting like a dumbass

Chapter 2 Annie's POV




At the air port we do all those boring airport things like going through security and um...going through security and waiting and waiting. Finally saying goodbye to my dad promising to call even though you probably won't I wave good bye, than waiting for my flight.


Waiting being awkward I decide to vlog or well video tape and maybe put it as a vlog.


"Hey my unicorns!!! I'm currently waiting to board my plane for NC so yay! I say doing one handed jazz hands. "just want to say WOW we have over 4000 subscribers right now so thank ya! But, ya I'm heading over to NC to do a lax tourney but other than that I have no life and my fellow partner in crime is not with me so :( but she should be in NC later this week so yay!!!" so I close my camera since I have nothing to say! yay so creative Annie


A couple of minutes later my plane is called and we board soon taking off let's just say WORST FLIGHT EVER!!! after about an hour I go into the bathroom deciding to vlog about it since it was so bad.


"So hey guys i'm back but this time I'm in a smelly airplane bathroom yay!" I say very sarcastically. "well let me just say the first hour is fucking horrible now I'm not usually like this I'm usually a pleasant flyer but dang I want to punch some of these people in the face!" do any of you ever feel like that ever?!?! well let me explain." I said looking I into the camera.


"I'm sitting next to a crying baby and a fat sweaty hairy dude who snores like a dyeing elephant, while a kid in the back keeps kicking my seat over and over and over again. along with a retarded flight attendant." I say giving a horrible thumbs up. "thank you South West this is truly the best fly I ever had." my voice so thick with sarcasm. Well bye for now!!" I say waving and walking out of the bathroom.


Walking back to my seat I'm silently wishing that I was with my 2 other friends Sydney and Carson who are coming in later today... lucky ducks 😑


Sitting down the kicking starts the crying starts and the snoring starts how fun.... Not. Lord please please please help me! I silently beg after blasting my music in my ear drums..u man wish I had a pair of beats with me 😑





3 long hours later



"Finally!!!" I said walking out if the plane. after it landed I practically tackled everyone to get to be the first one off that horrible thing you would call a plane. Walking over and grabbing all of my bags which luckily didn't get lost other wise I might of sued jkjk maybe....duh duh duuuuhhhh!!! I walk around trying to find Fred.... still think that's a funny name (sorry all those Fred lovers)


Finally finding Fred. "hey Annie how was your flight?" he asked pondering if I should be nice and say good or say horrible....i went with horrible earning a laugh from Fred. "Well hopefully we can turn your day into a better one aye?"


I nod totally agreeing. "so what do you want for dinner tonite Annie?" he asked


"Can I make us dinner?" I ask since I'm in the mood to make something.


"Sure if you are up to it" he says turning into a nice looking neighborhood. "some of your new teammate and his friends who are visiting should be coming over today to say hi just warning you."


"Okay thanks" I say hopping out of the car when we pull up to a nice size house. grabbing my bags I elk into the house. "Which room is mine?"i ask walking around


"Upstairs 2 doors down and the door on the right." he says walking into the living room. Following his directions I enter the room seeing a big bed in the middle a bathroom connected and a dresser. nothing fancy but it's nice setting everything down I see it's about 3:30 in the afternoon heading into the kitchen I see he has almost everything for enchiladas so I decide to make those.


Seeing $50 on the counter with a post it note saying this is for me to buy groceries with directions to the market is running upstairs fixing my hair and hat grabbing my phone I walk outside enjoying the cool summers breeze.


Following the directions yet still got lost...yep that's just me! XD I finally made it grabbing a cart I quickly grabbed what I needed along with some candy...or more like 10 packs muhaha ha!!!!!!!! After paying I skip home singing Hot chelle Rea the whole time!


Walking inside I hear a lot of racket and voices ignoring them I walk into the kitchen starting the beef enchiladas. in the middle of rolling them about 5 pair of feet run into the kitchen ignoring them and go back to listening to my music on my iPhone I place the last one on the tray before sprinkling it with cheese and sticking it in the oven turning around I raise a eyebrow in the air wiping my hands on a towel.


"Yes?" I ask before turning around and starting to clean. they all just stand there rolling my eyes I turn my music back up when I hear a voice, sighing I turn my music off.


"Hi i'm Hayes Grier"


"I'm Nash Grier"


"I'm Cameron Dallas" he said Waving


"And I'm Matt" Matt said earning a slap from I think was Nash? idk


"Hi I'm Annie I said before sticking my earpod back into my ears and going back to cooking. when u hear the boys leave I relax, I'm actually really shy around new people that I'm meeting so ya........ Awkward...


Ooooh I should update my vlog. Setting the timer and finishing cleaning I run upstairs grabbing my camera and hopping down the stairs. walking outside to the backyard I decide to set it up there since it's quiet and I'm too lazy to figure out another place.


Sitting down I set up my tripos hitting record.


Jumping down from the steps I start my intro (yes I know so original) "HOLA MY MAGICAL UNICORNS!" I scream before sitting down. "well obviously I'm not trapped in a stinky stupid horrible airplane!" I said "I'm at Fred's house. ya so i'm

Going to do a quick q & a video so here we go. *weird space music* Kay first question is drum roll please


"what is the name if your first pet?" *straight face* "well my first pet is a cat named dewey."


*pops out of no were and into the screen* Second question is "have I ever kissed a boy and or girl?"

"No me the great Oreo queen never ever kissed anyone so ya."


Last question! *jazz hands* "how long have you and Claire been friends?"

"Since kindergarten!!!!!" I scream


"Well that's all I have for now so BYE AND DONT DIE!!!"



I click end and walk upstairs deciding to edit when I remember the food. walking into the kitchen I leave a note saying eat when ever grabbing myself a peice I head to my room sitting down and editing.


About 40 mins of editing from my stupid laptop I finally was able to upload it!!!!! So yay! When the next thing I know I hear yelling and a huge crash and blowing. "holy shit" I mutter hitting my head in the desk before I walk down and into the kitchen and u really wish I didn't.

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