Rising YouTubers

2 average 14 year olds. Annie the athletic, yet very nerdy, shy, and crazy girl and her best friend Claire the Athletic, Cool, out going, fashionable girl. 2 almost complete opposites have a new rising Youtube channel. This is their story of Achieving their one dream of becoming a rising youtuber.


4. JELLY BEANS!!... and that meet and greet thing


chapter 4

waking up and seeing its 11 in the afternoon.... don't judge i hate mornings they-are stupid and should crawl in a hole and die. i'm a night person ALL NIGHTER BABY!!! ya no.

hopping up i go and take a shower throwing on a gray never shout never crop top, dark jean shorts, a pair of black vans, and grey ad black striped beanie. putting that on I realize I own a lot of beanies.... the name reminds me of jelly beans... I like jelly beans! oooh wonder if I have any left searching my room I hear my phone go off pulling it out of my pocket I see its 1:00.

"SHIT!" I scream running around almost forgetting about the jelly beans... almost I grab a handful before I run out the door :) running out the door leaving a string of curse words behind me I run to the mall which was 7 blocks away..... while running my mind being me wandered to how I wanted a box of Oreos...."hmm I have like 10 dollars I can get a pack-" I say before colliding with a person falling on a butt I scream "OKAY WHO PUT THAT PERSON THERE!!!!" looking up I see a girl with blueish greenish eyes and dirty blonde hair looking down at me concern etched in her eyes.

"Hey are you ok- HOLY SHIT YOUR ANNIE HUTTER!!!' she screams i notice she has a friend with her.

"um ya." i said standing up and scratching the back of my neck my wall coming up but, after about 2 minutes talking to them i realized.....I FOUND MORE OF MY PEOPLE!!!!!! (crazy) i found out the blonde is Britney and her friend who had freckles and brown hair and brown eyes is named Riley.

so we stood in the middle of the sidewalk talking earning dirty looks from people since they had to go around us..... like really it doesn't take that long to walk around 3 awesome teenage girls....well i would be glaring at the people in he middle of the street since it takes...SO.MUCH.ENERGY....ya i'm that lazy.

when i pull out my phone to get their numbers seeing its 1;45. "SHIT I'M LATE!!!!' i scream running before running back "hey wanna go to a meet and greet with me?" i ask

"sure-" says Riley before i grab their wrists pulling them as i run as fast as i can to the mall. Times like these i wish to be super man. -_- as we enter the food court where it should be held when i see Hayes, Beanie and those other boys i don't bother to remember their names are signing autographs? wait isn't this my meet and greet walking up behind Beanie i tazor him causing him to squeal like a girl.

turning around he sees me "oh hey Annie you here for the meet and greet?" he ask

"for who?'" i decide to act very stupid since i need to determine how the revenge should go.

"oh for this new youtuber she and her friend Claire do it and...your her aren't you?" he says face palming "wow i knew you looked familiar! now i feel stupid" he says. I laugh at him when a girl about 2 years older than me walks up.

"hey can i take a picture with you?" she says i nod telling beanie to take a picture smiling and taking a bit of pictures the girl walks off.

"wow this is easier than i thought" i say to beanie when someone screams

"OMG ANNIE HUTTER IS FINALLY HERE!!!!" and with that one stupid person everyone starts running towards me and beanie. letting out a yelp i grab his hand running when the huge sea of people runs after us.... okay maybe it wasn't a huge sea.. or a sea... more like a lake...fine a pond but i'm not going any smaller.

:why are you running?" says beanie as i drop his hand and grb Brit's and Riley's.

when i stop "ya why am i running?" i say when i see the people coming closer but i lso hear "SHE IS WITH MIKEY!!!!" and more people gather

"oh right... that's right" i say in a very duh voice running again pulling my 2 new friends with me. "who's Mikey?" i ask Britney

"Him" she says pointing to beanie with her free hand making me face palm running we run pass a candy shop. all of us stopping at the same time stare at the glorious racks of cand. Mikey runs past and than comes back.... HOLY HIZZLES I REMEMBERED HIS NAME!!! *fist pump*

"Umm guys there are like a lot of people chasing us min if we start moving?" he says that's when the other people and Hayes meet up with us.

"GUYS!! COME ON!!" blonde screams I look at the girls smile and we sprint into the candy shop.

"Annie come back over here we need to go!" calls Hayes running in followed by everyone else but me and my new candy and Jiffy buddies are running around throwing candy in a bag.

Half of mine is jelly beans :) and jolly ranchers....when I realize they don't have Oreos. right then I felt my heart break... Not joking....okay maybe but I was sad okay? i shrug it off running towards Mikey. (remembered his name again score!) pick pocketing him... not a crime if you don't get caught and take $20 (A/N i have no idea to pick pocket btw) and of course bought y candy and keeping the change.

i walk ou of the candy shop happily munching on my candy when Britney and Riley run up with their candy. "wann go shopping?" i say around my munching of Jelly beans

"ya sure" they said and with that we totally failed instead we played games... may or may not lmost get us kicked out but hey that slut earned that derp.

we run away from a stunned teen after our little derp competition some how i lost -_- stupid Britney (jkjk they are FUCKING AWESOME!) we enter Nordstroms rack and hide in the prom dress section rack giggle when we hear foot steps. bracing Riley to jump out Britney counts to three with her fingers 1-2-3 and Riley pops out screaming about Narnia when we hear the person or boy maybe it was a girl since the scream was really really high pitched.

Brit and i peek our head out of te dresses seeing...well if it was a fan fiction or another one of those type stories it would either be A) one of the boys or B) Claire.... boy i wish it was one of those two options =. But, no Karma was a bitch to me since i stole yads yada yada ad there stood the police officer who was chasing us for "disturbing the people" like Bitch uh huh. we kinda all stared at each other not knowing what to do till Brit spoke up.

"HEY ITS SUPERMAN!!!" she says pointing behind the officer making him turn and me being the dumb ass i am also fell for it until Riley pulled me along...

"super man wasn't there was he?" i asked Brit

"no dip Sherlock" she says i roll my eyes sticking my tongue out as we run away from the red face may i also add plump...wait i can't add that? why not? loser.....

when we bump into another person "god damn it if its another security guard i will go all ninja on them" yelled Brit making Riley scoot away from her looking up i see karma is getting better since Hayes and the boys are there in front of us.

"THANK YOU LORD!!!" screams Riley we grab the boys hands and pull them.

"where are we going?" asks Blonde is his name Matt? ya its Matt!!! i'm having a good name day today!

"TO THE BAT CAVE!!! aka fred's house!!!' i scream as we leave the mall hearing the mad Security man behind us. looking behind us i see he is on those wheely stand up thingys and is going like 10 mph "HOLY SHIT I WANT ONE!!!' i scream pointing at it.

"what the hell did you girls do?" they scream somehow together...weird

"stuff" says Riley as we run into Fred's house closing and locking the doors. sitting down n the couch i let out a sigh "Laziness take over" i say before i remember i need to save all my footage of my crazy day.

Yep that's right people this gal somehow video tape most of this so it's going to become a vlog!!!! *clapping noises* standing up i head to my room and grab my lap top plugging in my camera. sitting down and plugging my phone into my charger i hear a boom sound. looking at my clock i see i've been up here for 8 minutes. groaning i stand up and run down stairs and into the kitchen where i see i think its chocolate all over the place.

sighing i pinch my nose looking at my 4 victims Nash, Brit, Riley, and Matt (remembered their names score!) "well who's going to explain" i said walking out than back in handing them a mop, they look at each other before Nash speaks up "so this is how it went down........."


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