Rising YouTubers

2 average 14 year olds. Annie the athletic, yet very nerdy, shy, and crazy girl and her best friend Claire the Athletic, Cool, out going, fashionable girl. 2 almost complete opposites have a new rising Youtube channel. This is their story of Achieving their one dream of becoming a rising youtuber.


1. becoming a some what famous youtuber


Every thing in this story is true, meaning what the youtubers and Viners say do etc are mostly fictional thank you



Chapter 1 Annie's POV



I push Claire over making her scream. Laughing my ass of I send us off. "I'M THE OREO QUEEN OF NARNIA!!!! THANKS FOR WATCHING AND DON'T DIE!!" I practically scream at the video camera while doing jazz hands.


"ANNIE YOU ARE NOT THE OREO QUEEN SO STOP SAYING THAT!!!" Claire screams sitting up from the floor.


"YES I AM!!" I shout back sticking my tongue out before waving bye to the camera, shutting it off and walking over to my computer logging onto our Shared Youtube channel


"Man this is just too much fun even if we only have HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THINGS OREOS!!!!" I scream looking our channel.


"What?!" Claire says standing up and running over to the computer pushing me out of my chair and taking my seat. HOLY SHIT WE HIT 1000 fucking subscribers!! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!!!!" she screamed yes it may not seem that much to you but, to us it is, we only have 4 vlogs up and 5 in counting so like wow last time we checked we had 10 subscribers. 😄


I push Claire out of the chair and going to my video editor. "this is just way to cool!" I say.


"OMG Annie we are getting more subscribers every second!!" says Claire logging onto her laptop and to our account. "look we are even getting all these amazing comments to upload soon and comments on what to do next!!!"




"ANNIE TIME FOR CLAIRE TO GO HOME!!!" shouts my mom. sighing (btw they don't know about us making youtube videos they would probably make us stop -.-)


I yell back. "OKAY ONE SECOND!!! bye Claire see you tomorrow?"


"Ya bye!" she says grabbing her things and walking out of my room. Turing back to my computer I try and finish editing. yes try I more like stop and start trying to catch gold fish in my mouth. Ya I procrastinate a lot while editing and while doing home work too.


By the time I ran out of goldfish I look at the clock seeing it was 5:00. "CRAP!" I say scrambling to get ready for lacrosse. grabbing some athletic shorts and a t-shirt throwing my hair in a pony tail I run down the stairs. grabbing a water bottle and putting in my shoes spilling the water I run out of my house and to practice. mentally slapping my self the whole time.



Running to the field and ending up to be 5 minutes late, getting yelled at by coach PJ and earning my self 5 extra sprints I go and join the drills. Looking over at coach I see him talking to some other coach I suspect when coach calls me and 2 other girls over, Sydney Bonbrest and Carson Stevenson .


"Girls I want you to meet Coach Fred" coach PJ says introducing us. All of us saying hello and waving while I'm mentally cheering for getting the coach thing right when I get pulled out of my thoughts when Fred starts talking.


"Hehe what a weird name" I think "ooh look a butterfly." once again getting pulled from my thoughts when Syd elbows me.


"So girls" he says clapping his hands once and rubbing them. why I have no idea. -_- "well i'm from North Carolina"


"Okay good for you can you get to the point now?" is all I'm thinking right now.


"Well I have a boys team down there and we are entered into a co-ed 4 day lacrosse tournament. I'm good friends here with PJ and he said I can pick 3 of his best girls to play. Seeing your last tournament I think you guys will work best with my team. So what do you say?" I just look at him as if he was a crazy loon.


"I'm where would we be staying and when?" asked Sydney


"At my house since I don't want you to spend all that money since I have plenty of room." he says "and next week you will be spending the whole week with me and my son is also on the team too."


Nodding I say "sure" when I remember my YouTube updates we are supposed to update every weekend. I'm going to need to ask Claire I make a mental reminder.


"I'll send your parents an email with all the details okay girls?" we all nod before going back to practice oh boy Is all I'm thinking.





>>>>>>6 days later Wednesday day before Annie leaves >>>>>>>>>>>




I talked to Claire and she said she would meet me in North Carolina to come see the tournament with her dad since they think it would be interesting. I don't really know so let's just go with the flow here.


Looking around my room I make sure I have everything. All my boys equipment (actually played for a boys team for 3 years till I got kicked off by the league -.-) my goggles mouth guard both sticks girls and boys. Video camera, clothes, bathing suit, Etc.


"Hey Annie do you have everything for your flight and what you need for the week?" Asks my dad walking into my room.


"Ya I think" I said


"Okay" with that he walks out. Apparently my family or more like my parents know Fred so they are totally fine with whisking me away to an unknown place with a person I don't know. Anyone else besides me think that's totally wrong? anyone? *sigh*


logging onto my laptop I see we reached 10968 subscribers. Our latest video exploded with watches not all positive but if you can't handle the negative than you shouldn't be doing this. Watching some of my favorite Youtube videos from HoyNateO, Amazingphil, and Domics (A/N theses are some of my real favorite youtubers so check them out) logging off I lay down on my bed looking at my ceiling bored as hell.


"Ugh!!" I say planting my face into my pillow when I hear the continuous and very annoying ding coming from my phone. groaning I get up to go answer it seeing just mini fixations from twitter of new followers.


Groaning I unlock my phone and started playing flappy birds...worst...idea...ever. -.- by the time I died 2 I started yelling curse words at my Phone and the bird by the tenth timeout died I threw my phone across the room making it hit the wall and fall to the ground. screaming when I realized what had happened.


"OMG I'M SO SORRY!!!" I fake cry to my phone cradling it like a baby. yes I am one of those girls but, at least I'm not one of those selfie obsessed girls, ugh especially those half face ones. -.-


Looking at the time I see it's already 11:30 knowing I have to get up at like 5 since I have an early flight....i blame global warming for that. I should go to bed laying down on the bed and getting comfy I close my eyes and wait for sleep to happen... and wait.... and wait.


"OKAY I GIVE UP!!!" I say throwing my hands up in a surrender pose I go and log onto twitter seeing I have 2000 followers now, I diced to retweet and favorite some stuff fan girl over some of my favorite bands before saying I'm going to NC and may not be able to upload a video earning a lot of sad faces . :(


Sighing I lock my phone charging it and decide to go get a snack seeing it was already 1 in the morning. walking down stairs debating on having a bowl of ice cream or an apple. Ice cream won btw. Grabbing the ice cream I head back to my room deciding to watch netflix. soon silently screaming from the horror film I was watching (the conjuring) when a knock is at my door


"ANNIE TIME TO GET UP SO GET YOUR LAZY GOOD FOR NOTHING ASS OUT OF BED!!!" I heard my dad scream. No he is not abusive I'm just super sucky in the mornings so it scan get very annoying.


Looking at the clock I see that it is 4:30 "wow did I really take that long to eat a bowl of icecream?" I mumble before getting up to shower. blow drying my hair and pulling it into a side braid and brushing my teeth I grab a pair of jean shorts and a I love nerds black shirt topping it off with a black beanie and black converses.


Grabbing SOME of my bags I head down stairs helping my dad load all of my "junk" into the trunk. "You ready to leave?" asked my dad


"Ready as I ever be" I reply stepping into the passenger side and closing my door driving off to the airport and to the stranger man's house.... hope I don't die -.-

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