The Monster Within

935 year old Violet Drunie is a vampire. But not any ordinary vampire. She's a witch, a twin ( Victoria ), telepathic, she can talk to ghost in her dreams, and also she can never die. She spends her whole life running from the man ( Zon ) who made her. He has a sick obsession with her. He compelled her to love him the first time but he wasn't able to compel her as she's a vampire. Every time he kills her she wakes up with her memory gone. But every time he kills her her memory comes back faster each time; making her stronger. Her best friends ; Clayn : Vampire Hunter. Isabella : Witch. Gean : Vision Future teller.


1. Violet

"You can't go back!" Clayn yelled at me from the other side of the room. The air grew heavy as I grew angry. "I need to go back to my home town! It's where I belong!" I yelled but not as much force as he did. "You belong here! Safe." The last word was more like a whisper. A great pain of guilt punched me in the gut. "Come with me than. Even though I don't need protection." I turned towards the body window. The sun seemed to be going down. I'm okay in the sun and night. Isabella made me some witch ring so I can go out into the sun. It also protects me from our ( vampires ) worst plant. Vervain. "You'll really let me come?" Clayn hesitated at my offered. "Well, I want all three of you to come." I announced as I heard Isabelle and Gean walk inside. "You want all of us to go with you?" Gean practically shrieked with delight. I nodded with a slight wince. She's so loud sometimes. "When do we leave?" Isabella questioned as she plopped down onto the nearest untaken couch. "Well I want to leave in the morning?" My request was a little unexpected but I really do not care. If they want they can come or they can stay. This is my moment not there's. Gean looked liked she was on the bridge of crying. "You were gonna leave us anyways." She wiped away a tear. I ignored her and went to my room which was the Attic. My own privacy up there. It's where I run away from the over protective best friends. Honestly sometimes I wish I didn't have them. Life would be much easier and I would be able to protect them from Zon. I still can't believe that douche was the first vampire born. There's no way to kill him. Like there's no way to keep me dead. I gave out a loud sigh and fell onto my bed. Life is so not fair. I let my eyes close for a few mintues. But the minutes turned into hours.

There was an open field in front of me. "Hello?" I called out. For some reason I broke out into a run. I glanced down and noticed that I'm wearing an old Victorian dress. It was simply beautiful. Just than I heard a couple laugh. "Hello?" I shouted again. I spun around and a man who I've never seen before stood in front of me with a butcher knife. "You'll be mine once again." He gave me a creepy smile. I shook my head no. He backed me up into a tree. "Remember I love you and only you." His last words echoed in my mind. I felt a sharp pain in my elbow. I looked down and saw that the man chopped off my arm. Blood screamed from my elbow. This can't be happening. I let out an ear piercing scream.

I jumped up drenched in sweat. I hate these dreams. I quickly looked down at my arm. It was still connected but a faint bruise was marked in a circle around my elbow. Just like it actually happened. I groaned and fell back down. I reached for my dream diary and wrote down exactly what happened. I read over my two other dreams I had for the past two nights. They all had a different man saying the same thing. Than it dawned on me. He's close. "Gean! Clayn! Isabella!" I screamed their names as I threw on my hightops, skinny jeans, and leather jacket ( with tank top under ). "What?" They called up. "We've gotta go NOW!!" I shouted the last word like it was the last one I'm going to ever say. I packed all my things into one suitcase. Well since I'm on the run so much I don't have time to keep a lot of things. I vampire speed ran down the staircase and bumped into Gean. She was all set. "The others?" She nodded and I pushed past her. "Car now!" I ordered over my shoulder. Gean jumped into shot gun. I sat in the driver's seat waiting impatiently for the other two. A few minutes later they came running out with their bags. Damn pack lightly. They hopped in and I gunned it as my heart was beating out of my chest. "Lite it!" I hissed as we drove by the house. Clayn threw a match at the house and it quickly went up in flames. I played the music at ear breaking volume on the way to my home town; Wilnstein.

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