Split Personalities

Sentoki, a girl who has a split personality is suddenly seen by a boy in her demon form.
What can she even do?


1. --Wolf's POV--

Once school had started back, I felt like hell had risen from underneath me. Girls were chatting and giggling and pointing at me. I was dressed raggedly. I was sick.

The boys were fighting. Though, I was interested to know who the knew boy was. If he was white, he may actually be kind to me.. Everyone here is Asian and often made fun of me. I don't blame them, they haven't seen that many like me.

My friends, Tiffany and Jacinta run up to me.

"Hey! Sentoki!" Jacinta yells. She's tall and fat, dirty blonde hair curled around her shoulders.

I return a glare at her.

"What?" I growl. She has been messaging me on the holidays and swearing at me- GO AWAY!

"No need to be retarded." She laughs.

"That highly offends me." I say, slapping her across the cheek. I leave a bright red mark on her freckled red cheek. She slaps me back, she hits harder than me and I fall on the ground.

Tiffany giggles. I can't giggle. The pain..

"Stop.." I manage to say before being kicked in he stomach.

The asphalt under me scrapes my skin. My eyes flicker green, I shake it off.

Let me explain more..

I'm someone who seems to have MPD or Schizophrenia. But, I actually have neither. I have SP. Split Personalities. Oh? Multi Personality Disorder? No. This other version is a demon. Her name is Wolf. We have the same name. She occupies the evil within me. She keeps it under a lock and key.

"Stop... Please.." I say, begging. I look over at a boy passing by. Long mop hair that reaches just under his ears, eyes glittering grey.

He looks at me and gives me an apologetic look.

I sit up and press myself against the tin wall, groaning in pain while being injured.

The bell rings and they continue. After everyone heads to class I flop onto the asphalt. The girls get up and walk off. My head is covered in blood, just like my arms and legs. I push myself off the road and run to the performing arts.

I swing open the door gently- I'm too weak now.

"Y-..." Ms Honeycomb looks at the blood trickling down my forehead.

"Miss Sen, talk to me after this." She smiles.

"I'm fine Miss, I promise." I weakly grin and sit down where I'm allocated.

The assembly feels like forever.

"8C, Miss Pantellii." Miss Honeycomb grins. Finally! I look around and notice the new boy- he's in my class. He fastens his pace to catch up to me.

"I'm sorry I didn't help." He pats me on the head gently.

"It's fine." I beam a fake smile up to him.

"Is there any way I can make it u-" I cut him off mid sentence.

"No, my life is bad enough.." I grab my head, I don't know what I'm saying. Miss Gough takes notice and grabs me, putting her hand over my mouth. Something grows inside of me. My shadow silently transforms into the demon within. Wings, horns.. Tail..

"Aaaaaaaah!" I howl.

"Shhhhh..." Miss Gough scowls.

"Here!" She throws me into a room. It's bright white with a little duck in the middle. I fall into my hands and knees, my eyes flickering green. Wings grow from my back, horns grow on my head. A little tail fills in on my butt. I growl loudly, stretching and twisting. My hair curls out and glows dark blue.

I stretch.

My full demon form will be available to me when I'm 16.

"GOD, CAN YOU HEAR ME?! GOD IS MISSING!" I howl, calling out for help.

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