Split Personalities

Sentoki, a girl who has a split personality is suddenly seen by a boy in her demon form.
What can she even do?


2. --Kane's POV--

Once, the girl was dragged away..

What just happened? She kinda just had a really big mood swing. I hear her scream. Is she being hurt?

"Miss Gough!" I call out, running after her. She carries her down some stairs. What? When were they there?

I follow the co-ordinator down the steep steps. The lifting is dim, but I can manage. I sneak down and watch the small shadows. The girl is thrown into the room.. Or a room. Miss Gough stares and walks by me, she doesn't notice me in the dark.

Sneaking down to the door, the girl... She's changed. She pretty.. Dark blue hair, horns, wings, three wolf tails and wolf ears. One tail is bright green and white, another is black and long and the other.. Is black and white.

I watch her. Her neon green eyes glitter in the dim light.

"What are you doing down here, newbie?" A voice growls behind me. Shoot, I must've been standing here for a while.

"Uh..." I stammer, running for the steps and pushing past the teacher.

Miss Honeycomb. Why doesn't she want anyone to see her or anyone else?

"Wait, newbie." She looks at me.

"Don't tell anyone. No one believes this legend." She winks and motions for me to get out. I pick up my bag and go out.

Will she be okay?

Please be okay..

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