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Another Side


1. Reflect

Ever since fourteen year old Violet Malone was young, she suffered a deep, dark depression. There was one thing she didn't know. There was another side to her life. There was a way out. 

The year was 3482. Technology was advanced. School was advanced. Life was advanced. 

Violet was in her first year of high school. She was walking to her first period class one Tuesday when she saw everyone watch her walk with her best friend. This happened every day. Kylie didn't mind, did she?

"Glass and Edge, huh?" They screamed. Kylie was Glass. Violet was named Edge. 

"Don't mess with us," Kylie demanded. 

"Get out of my way," Violet hissed at Cassie, the most popular girl at school. 

"I don't want to," she replied. 

Violet went around her. Forget the haters. 

Violet walked to her homeroom. Kylie walked two doors down. 

Violet walked into her class, people staring at her. She heard silent whispers about her, every few seconds, they'd look up at her. One guy had the courage to walk right in front of her to speak his mind. 

"Edge. Or...Violet? As your parents may call you? Or do they call you Edge as well? Why did they name you Violet?" He asked. "Violet seems so nice, sweet, fragile--but why didn't they just name you 'fake?' Fake is what you really are. So why don't they name you something true to yourself?"

That was Eric. The guy she liked, actually. She might as well just forget about him. If that's even possible. 

He looked so sweet. But inside was a structure made of demons. For a second, she actually forgot she liked him. Violet looked straight into his evil eyes and he walked away, scared. Nothing to blame there.

"May I go to the bathroom, Mr. Drew?" Violet asked her teacher. 

"Yes, Violet," Mr. Drew answered. He never noticed anything that happened around him. She never knew a person could be so ignorant. 

Finally. Not a person in the hallway. She might as well run to the bathroom, just so nobody sees her. 

She got to the bathroom and washed her face with the cold sink water. That should keep her up and running. Violet looked in the mirror as a tear ran down her face. But the mirror didn't show the redness under her eyes from crying. The mirror didn't show her black clothes. 

In the mirror, she saw a beautiful woman. She saw a woman who hadn't cried all her life, wearing a pink shirt, white eyeshadow, and a thin amount of eyeliner. Not caked like Violet made it. 

"Violet," she heard. "It's me."

"Kylie?" Violet asked. 

"No!" She heard. "Look in the mirror."

She saw her reflection's lips moving. Only, she wasn't speaking.

"I'm hallucinating," Violet said. 

"I'm Violet, too. Things get better," she said. 

Violet ran away. She walked puzzled the whole time. But, at the same time, a smile grew across her face. She walked in and sat down. "Things will get better," she said. 

Just so you guys know, it's a little bit of everything. It's mystery now, but it turns into love with a bit of science. There should be other books as well. Thanks for reading, so far! Hope you like it:)

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