•My Little White Lies•

Winter Mechilen dropped out of college, lives with her boyfriend Damien, and is 20 years old. She lives in Quebec, Canada. Find out how she ends up in California with no money, and no Damien. Find out how she meets Niall Horan, and how she ends up.


3. The Bus and After

"Excuse me, sir, where is this bus going?" I asked the driver, knowing it was stupid question, but I didn't care.

"Mexico. Its an 26 hour drive. Its on your ticket, too." He replied plainly and unfriendly.

'I must look like a train wreck' I say to myself, imagining the ripped navy blue dress, running mascara, and the bruises along my arms and legs. 'You're away from Damien.' I thought back, becoming even more relieved.


I had saved my snack for about 18 hours before I jut indulged myself in the tiny back of pretzels. And forget about the water bottle... That was gone in the first three hours.

Suddenly, the bus came to a heaving stop in a small town. I stepped out into the fresh air, stretched my legs, then noticed the sign.

'Welcome to our small town in Toni, California!' It said. There was also a general store, so I walked in.

"Hello, how may I help you?" Said a voice. It was defiantly an Irish accent, so I turned, and there was a boy, about my age, working the register. He had bleach blonde hair, vibrant blue ORBS (lol jk) I mean, eyes. He was well-built, too.

"Ya, do you have any blonde hair dye?" I asked shyly.

"Uh, sure. But I have to give it to you tommorow, so, I guess not." He told me disappointedly.

"Oh, thats ok, I have a house here!" I lied.

"Oh! I'll drop it off tommorrow." He said excitedly.

"No, that's ok. I'll just come and pick it up here." I said. I don't want him to know I was lying.

"Sure, but I need your name for that." He exclaimed, excited to get my name.

"I'm... Astoria." I lied again. I was still pretty worried, although I knew he was dead.

"That's a lovely name! So don't forget, pick it up tommorow!" He yelled after me as I walked out the door. 'If your gonna stay, you need to find a house.' I told myself. I suddenly felt myself eager to him again, whoever it was. 'Crap, I can't fall in love again. Winter, this is wrong.' I told myself angrily.

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