•My Little White Lies•

Winter Mechilen dropped out of college, lives with her boyfriend Damien, and is 20 years old. She lives in Quebec, Canada. Find out how she ends up in California with no money, and no Damien. Find out how she meets Niall Horan, and how she ends up.


1. The Attempt

"Hey honey, home from work. ’You get my text?" Damien asked, a hint of warning in his voice. 'Damn it, Winter! Why did you turn your phone off?' I thought to myself, starting to get scared.

"Yes." I lied, becoming increasingly scared.

"Then where is dinner?!" He asked, tension strained his voice. 'Thank god, I have pasta cooking.' I thought, relieved.

"In the microwave. I thought I could use leftovers." I said, smiling, playing with his police hat. Out of nowhere, he pushed me.

"What do you mean, pasta?!" He questioned angrily. "I told you I wanted STEAK! Damn it, woman, you never listen to me. You have to be taught a lesson, now." He grabbed my arm and led me towards the closet. Before he could do anything, I pressed my lips on his then whispered

"I'm sorry," I pulled him as close as possible, then a sharp pain hit my right thigh. His gun.

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