FF7 Kissing

Cloud and Tifa meet up, and they start kissin'! ;)


1. Kissing♥

One night, Cloud was taken by surprise while working in his office. Tifa who was watching him from the doorway, approaches him and wraps her arms around his neck while she presses a tender kiss on his lips. Cloud gets scared and his mind goes blank after feeling her lips on his. After the contact, she releases him from her grip, just to look at him in the eye. Confused by her strange behavior, Cloud looks at her with a puzzled look on his face. She blushes a little and then responds with a soft chuckle. Cloud's puzzled look, vanishes when he sees her smile and that's when he takes her into his arms, pressing his body against hers to join their lips together again.

Tifa's eyes widen after feeling the contact with his lips. She was caught off guard and did not expect such reaction from him.

Meanwhile, Cloud gets carried away by the heat of the moment and forgets about all his surroundings so that he could concentrate on her. Her lips were soft and warm, and he took his time to savor the sweet nectar that came from her lips. Tifa on the other hand, closes her eyes while he continues kissing her softly and once again, she wraps her arms around his neck to pull him close to her. The kiss was longer and its passion increased with each touch. Cloud was so into their kiss, he flipped her onto the bed. She chuckled a bit, but still kissing Cloud. Tifa dragged her hand down Cloud’s chest, to unzip his shirt he had on. Once that was off, She ran her hand through his spiky, sexy hair. Cloud ran his hand up to her cheek, then played with her hair a bit. ”Should we take this a bit further?”, Cloud smirked at Tifa.


*What should Tifa Do? Will she take the risk, or deny it?*


*Comment what should happen!*

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