Payne Twins

Ian and Liam were opposites. Liam had few tattoos and rarely wore leather, whilst Ian's body was lost in ink and piercings. Aside their differences, they depended on each other for everything.
But after Ian makes a horrible accident, Liam and Ian's whole relationship could end in tatters.
With their parents thought dead by the car crash, and Jarred taunting them, they find the help of perky Niall, and a reluctant Zayn.
Plan Kill Jarred is a go, and the four only have a limited time to save Ian and Liam's parents, and there own lives.


9. chapter 9: truth

Ian's POV

"I say we beat his ass." Liam suggests, rolling his eyes. I wanted that more then anything, but we needed a real plan.

"Liam." I sighed, giving him the I-love-you-but-your-not-helping look. He gave a soft glare but kept quiet.

"Okay. So no to beating his ass. Listen, I'm really sorry but I have to go. My friends just texted me. Um, my moms a little mad I'm almost across the world." Ava muttered, standing up.

"Text me when you come up with a plan." She called, grabbing her backpack full of clothes and running out the door.

"Okay, genius, what's your plan?" Liam asked, turning to shift towards me.

We had been brainstorming for two hours, but came up with nothing. By now I was on the same couch, liam was laying on the bed, and Ava was sitting on the leather chair. It seemed so silent without her, she was the one coming up with ideas.

I mean, burning down the building the lived in or murdering him weren't GOOD ideas. But still.

"I'm sorry." Liam suddenly whispered. I turned toward him. Tears were running down his face, his mouth quivering.

"Li, please don't cry." I begged, quickly walking over and hugging him. He wrapped his arms around my waist, burying his head in my neck.

"I shouldn't have run away. It was stupid. I just felt....betrayed. I know you didn't mean it, I really do. But it just brought back seeing mom ands adds bloody faces. I just couldn't handle it." Liam whispered, sobbing.

I felt terrible. It was all my fault. He was crying, something I swore to myself never to make him do, but now he was. I was about to launch into a long speech of sorrow, when he asked the question I'm been avoiding forever.

"What really happened?" Liam whispered, staring at me right in the eyes.

"What do you mean?" I whispered back, hoping he's drop it. He didn't.

"No, Ian. Stop pretending. What really happened." His voice was raising now. he sat up, looking at me hard. "Who is this guy? Who is Jarr? If he wanted some rematch you would've finished him off by now? Just what the fuck is really going on?" He full out shouted, standing up and looking at me.

"Liam, please?" I pleaded, rubbing my temples. The last I needed was another punch to his face. No more fights.

"No, Ian. I'm sick and tired of you hiding things from me!" Liam shouted. He stopped, breathing hard. He fell down to his knees, his face in his hands.

"Just please tell me, Ian." He whimpered, crying softly. "How? How did-did mom and dad really die?" He whispered, looking at me.

My heart stopped at his face. It was sorrow and pain. He's been running from me, living in ally ways. And I'm sitting here, hiding his whole life away from him. It was time for the truth.

" wasn't mom fault. It...was mine." I admitted, ashamed. "I talked to Jarr, when i was sevenish, about how much I hated mom and dad for not letting play with my friends. He was some stranger in an ally back then. At the crash site, he was there. He hit our car, purposely. He had whispered "problem solved". That's why I covered your eyes. Now, for years on end, he's been chasing me, saying I owed him. He wants me to be his slave or something. But he's given up on me. Now...he" I finished, tears burning my cheeks.

Liam sat on his knees, frozen. His mouth was gaping, his eyes wide. Endless tears were pouring.

"I'm sorry, Liam. It's our fault we're parentless." I whispered. It was something I've always thought, always knew. And now if was out.

"No. It not." Liam whispered, looking down. His face was unreadable, blank.

"It is, Liam." I said loudly, more tears pouring.

"It's not." Liam looked up at me, but he had stopping crying.

His face was something out of a movie. That shocked face when someone discovers a secret that could change the whole world.

"Why?" I asked, giving him a wearing eye. Something was up.

Liam looked straight into my eye.

"Because I know Jarr. I'm met him before. His name isn't Jarr. I saw him at the crash site, way after, when the cop was driving us to the station. He isn't who he says he is....." He whispered.

I sat there, gaping. Liam's mouth slacked as his eye went wide.

"Ian...." Liam whispered. I couldn't move, couldn't speak.

"Ian...our parents aren't dead." Liam whispered.

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