Payne Twins

Ian and Liam were opposites. Liam had few tattoos and rarely wore leather, whilst Ian's body was lost in ink and piercings. Aside their differences, they depended on each other for everything.
But after Ian makes a horrible accident, Liam and Ian's whole relationship could end in tatters.
With their parents thought dead by the car crash, and Jarred taunting them, they find the help of perky Niall, and a reluctant Zayn.
Plan Kill Jarred is a go, and the four only have a limited time to save Ian and Liam's parents, and there own lives.


5. chapter 5: new Liam

Liam POV

The bitter cold hurt my cheeks, which were wet with tears. It was freezing, and I was only in a t shirt and jeans. My converse were making my feet cold, but i kept walking. I didn't stop.

I took in a shaky breath, the cold burning my throat. My eyes were sore and tired, my body begging for sleep. I think it's been three days since Ian betrayed me. Three days since I ran away from Florida. I'm somewhere in New York City, I think. I'm been constantly traveling, only staying in a place for a couple hours.

I missed Ian. I really did. He was my twin, my other half. But he punched me, he hurt me. Something he promised he'd never do. Even still, all he said was my name. He could've said something sweet or forgiving, but he didn't. I wouldn't listen anyway, but at least we actually would've tried.

It hurt me on a whole new level. A level I hadn't felt since our parents died in the car crash. I remember me screaming, desperately trying to wake mom up, but she wouldn't. Neither would dad. Ian cried, holding me back, away from them. I know I hit him, screaming at him to let me go. We were only seven, yet Ian dialled the police and got an ambulance using moms phone.

I remember seeing them drive away. I was young, but I was smart enough to know is never see their smiles or feel their hugs again. It was that moment, that I put all my trust and faith into Ian. He was my rock, and I was his.

I didn't need everyone else. I had Ian, and we did everything together. If Ian died, I died. It didn't matter. We both knew we couldn't live without each other.

I remember the blood running down our bruised faces as Ian turned towards me with blurry eyes. "I'll protect you forever. I will never her you." He had whispered, kissing my cheek.

And he hadn't. He never touched me, never even slapped me. He always let me win arguments, no matter if I was right or wrong.

He was trying to protect me from Jarr, I get that. But he hurt me. He made me BLEED. The blood was still slightly tangled in my hair. If he wanted to protect me, he wouldn't have punched me.

I sat, in a dirty ally, that was littered with trash. I leaned my head against the wall, closing my eyes. I began to sob. I was hungry and lonely. But I didn't care.

My hunger always left as I thought of my parents bloody faces. My thirst was quenched with puddle water. My body was gone of heat, and I couldn't feel my fingers or toes. My arms and legs shook as my teeth clattered.

I wanted to be home. To be warm and a have a full stomach. Me and Ian worked with cars. Building, repairing, you name it. We loved our job, as it was our business, and it was booming. People couldn't resist two twins with charm.

My mind always seemed to go back to Ian. I missed him. It seemed so empty, so boring without him. I felt unprotected, like I was a small child who couldn't fight for himself.

My heart beat in line with my tears. They just wouldn't stop falling, soon I wouldn't be able to cry. Sleep washed over me.

Tomorrow, I would find a car , as I had mine stolen from a local gang. I had been walking for the past day. I had about 65 dollars left, which I knew I had to spent wisely. I needed a job, too.

I felt my phone buzz, but sleep took over before I could answer it.

~the next morning~

The cold was biting me, giving me terrible frostbite. It was summer, but it was early morning, maybe four. It didn't seem like today was going to be a nice day.

I lazily opened my eyes, my back stiff from laying on cement for the past three days. My head hurt from a massive headache. I rubbed my red eyes, my cold fingers still numb.

I sighed, slowly and painfully sitting up. Car. I looked around. Nobody was in sight. I sighed again, knowing I would have to Hotwire a car and steal it. Of course, cause if Ian, I knew how to do that.

I silently walked out of the ally. It was still a still dark, so it was hard to see me. I walked up to a car, that was black and shiny. It was a convertible. What a perfect choice.

I would have never dreamed if stealing, and definitely not a car. But times were tough, and I knew I had no other option. I tried the door. Not locked. What idiots. I slowly open up the door, stepping in. I looked in around. The keys were sitting on the dash.

It seemed like my luck was good, or someone who owned this car was still inside the store it was parked in front of. But either way, it was mine. I started the car, hearing it purr. I hit the gas, spreading down the street.

I heard a man yell after me, rushing out of the store. I speed faster. I passed a red light, but kept going. I was already on the cops list, I needed to get out if New York.

I sped out if the city, driving into darkness. I flipped on the headlights. I sighed, slowing down to the normal speed.

I felt guilty, but not enough to stop or think about it. I pushed it out, wondering where I was headed to next. I still need a job. Next city I stop in, I'll get one.

I drove for a couple days straight. Only stopping for gas. I now had 25 dollars left, because of gas. This thing was good on gas, i only had to fill it twice. I was at about three quarter tank now. Plenty.

I stopped near England. I had enough driving. If I was to keep driving, I need gas money. I need a job. It looked like I was in a place called...Bradford.

Job. My number one priority. I searched around. If I needed a job, it was to be a job I liked. The hell I was going to be stuck in a boring ass job. I stopped on a curb, getting out of the car.

I leaned against a post, sipping on a coca cola can I bought. It was not as cold here, but I still shivered. It seemed dangerous to be here. At lot of people were, like brown. I didn't exactly fit in real well. But whatever. I may not look TO intimidating, but I can still throw a fist if needed.

I heard a cough behind me, startling me. A man, with black hair in a quiff stood there. He had light, brown eyes and lots of tattoos. He wore a leather jacket and black jeans. He had blue converse.

"Lost, snowflake?" He asked, rolling his eyes at me . I glared back, but smirked. Snowflake, how original.

"No, I'm not, brown boy. I ran away from home. My brother won't find me in this shitty dump." I shot back, raising an eyebrow.

He chuckled. "Ran away?" He asked, cocking his head.

"Yeah. My brother is a fucking ass. I love in Florida. Used to anyway. He's actually my twin." I said nonchalantly. He raised an eyebrow.

"Twin huh? That must be an experience." He said, pulling out and lighting a smoke. He offered me a puff, and for some reason I took it. I didn't cough, I didn't want him to know I never smoked before. It burned my lungs, but it felt kinda nice.

He took it back, taking his own puff. "It is. He punched me, make my jaw and had bleed, and didn't say anything and left."I may have added the last part, but it seemed true to me.

"He seems like a douche." He said, shaking his head and smiling at me. "What your name anyway?" He asked.

"Liam Payne. My brothers Ian." I said. "Yours?"

"Zayn Malik." He smirked, letting out a huff of smoke. I nodded. We shared the cig until it was to small to use. Zayn stomped it out.

"You must be looking for a job. I take it you know about cars?" He smiled, gesturing towards my stolen car.

"Why do you assume that?" I asked, smiling.

"I know you stole that shit!" He laughed, nudging me on the shoulder.

"If i did would you be an asshole and tell the cops?" I pushed his shoulder, earning another laugh from him.

"Nah. We're cool. But, I own a shop down town about cars. Pretty famous in town. My coworker just quit, something bout family. Would you like some gas money?" He asked.

"Me and Ian owned our own shop, too. But i did most of the work." I half lied. He helped a lot, but I mostly did all the hot wiring and building while he just repaired.

"Way cool. So you down, then?" He said, earning a bid from me. We bumped fists.

"Assuming you don't have anywhere to sleep, you can stay at the shop tonight, if ya want." He offered, standing up from the post.

"Sweet, thanks." I smiled, standing as well.

"So, you wanna go get a drink? It's on me." He said.

"Shit, all right. Nothing like getting drunk to solve your problems." I smirked, walking towards my car. We both got in as I started my car.

I drive to the bar, following Zayn's instructions. I looked at the sign. NAKED DRINKS.

"Shit, this is also a strip club?" I laughed, shutting off the car.

"Thought it might loosen you up a little bit." He smirked, getting out if the car. Maybe this was what i needed, to just stop worrying and have fun for a bit.

We walked inside, purple and blue laser lights covering the room. People were laughing and stumbling around. Strippers danced on a poles on a stage. The bar was located on the left.

We sat down, ordering a drink. The bartender handed them to us, Zayn paying him. I drunk it down in a few minutes, along with Zayn.

Zayn looked at me with a smile. I knew what he was thinking.

Shot contest.

We ordered a few, downing them whole. My throat burned and my head was becoming foggy, but I felt alive. We downed a few more, and it ended up a tie.

We were stumbling on the dance floor. but so was everyone else, so it looked like we where all just dancing, which was the main goal. Me and zayn giggled and laughed, drunk out of our minds.

"Hey, heeeey! Leeeeyuuum! Let's goooo get s-strippers!" Zayn pulled me over to the stage, stumbling into a few people.

I normally would never go near strippers, but my mind was foggy band brain dead. I couldn't think properly, so I just laughed and took a seat in a stripped booth.

Two ladies, who were pretty much naked, walked over to us. The girl with blonde hair sat on my lap, grinding against me. I grabbed her hips, moaning slightly.

He made out, as did Zayn and his chick. We grinded as I got a hard on. She bent low, reaching my pants.

Everything went foggy, including my vision. I felt a pleasure run through me as she sucked me off. I grabbed her hair, biting my lip. I heard zayn moan across from me.

after a few minutes, I felt her climb on top of me. She put my dick inside her, bouncing. I moaned, closing my blinded eyes. Pleasure coursed through me.

She moaned, shoving her tongue In my mouth. We hastily made out as our skin slapped together. I heard the same sound from zayn and his girl. After ten minutes, sound started waving in and out.

Blackness was taking over, as a pit in my stomach formed. I felt her spasm, as she got off and sucked me off. I jerked my hips, pleasure making me moan loudly.

As I finished, I felt the alcohol take over. Blackness consumed me.

~the next morning, 7:54 AM~

My eyes fluttered as I took in my surroundings. I was in a shop. A car shop. My head pounded, giving me the worst headache I've received yet. I was laying on a mattress, with sheets over it. I had no blanket or pillow, but I didn't mind.

My mind went back to last night. Meeting zayn on a curb, talking, him offering for me to stay here and take a job, going to a bar, taking a shot contest. And....

I groaned, face palming myself. I slept with a stripper. In front of people. I groaned again, regret washing over me.

Let loose. I gotta let loose. I'm young, might as well live life to the fullest. Zayn must be sleeping across the room, as I hear soft snoring. How I got home is beyond me.

I closed my eyes, sleep beckoning me. I smiled. From now on, I would live Ian free. I would be fun, irresponsible and be best friends with Zayn. I would get drunk, but maybe lay off the stippers.

I smiled again. That sounded amazing. I turned on my stomach, not missing the ally cement. Maybe my luck was turning out after all.

I fell asleep.

Oh shit! Liam's out of control! I added the stripper cuz I wanted to emphasis the point that Liam's becoming the more irresponsible bad boy type now. The next chapter will be Ian's point if view, and it might be important to the story (hint hint) sorry if there's spelling mistakes or words that don't make sense, It's 2 in the morning and I have school tomorrow/today I guess, but I felt bad for not writing. So, here yah go. Sorry this note is so damn long.

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