Payne Twins

Ian and Liam were opposites. Liam had few tattoos and rarely wore leather, whilst Ian's body was lost in ink and piercings. Aside their differences, they depended on each other for everything.
But after Ian makes a horrible accident, Liam and Ian's whole relationship could end in tatters.
With their parents thought dead by the car crash, and Jarred taunting them, they find the help of perky Niall, and a reluctant Zayn.
Plan Kill Jarred is a go, and the four only have a limited time to save Ian and Liam's parents, and there own lives.


4. chapter 4: No.

Ian's POV

"Come on, Li. We gotta go." I urged my slow brother. We needed to leave before Jarr came, of course Li didn't know that.

"What's the hurry? Jesus Christ it's been ten minutes, and you sent Ava home. Your being a dick, bro." Liam yelled from the bedroom, annoyed.

"I just-we have to go okay? Hurry the hell up." I growled, anxiously looking at the door. I was paranoid Jarr was going to burst in and kidnap Liam at any given moment.

Liam jogged the steps, stopping right in front if me. He gave me the glare. That kind of glare that showed me he wasn't taking any bullshit.

"Where are we going." He said. It obviously wasn't a question. I sighed, unknowingly giving him a pouty face.

"I'll tell you when we get there, I promise. Come on!"

I whined. I actually whined. I was so desperate to get him to safety I didn't care, either. He glared harder, but grabbed his brown leather jacket and threw it on.

"Sometimes I really fucking hate when you don't tell me things. Am I in danger or something?" He asked, stopping suddenly and looking right in the eye.

It was one thing I could never do, lie to Liam. I swallowed, looking down and scratching my neck nervously. Liam's mouth slacked a little.

"It's Jarr isn't it?" He said, his voice cold with hatred. I nodded, almost bursting into tears. I needed to bring him to safety.

"Come on, Liam. We have to get you to safety!" I whined again, pulling at his arm. We stumbled towards the door, but Liam jerked his arm back, tightening his jaw while looking at me.

"So I can't protect myself but you can? I'm to weak or something?" He spat, making my jaw drop.

"What? No! Of course not! I just don't want you getting hurt, I'd rather me break an arm then you!" I said, begging for us to leave.

"I can protect myself! I don't need to go into fucking hiding! Just cause you look stronger doesn't mean you are!" Liam yelled, balling his hands into fists. His face was red with anger.

"YOUR GETTING MAD AT ME?! IM TRYING TO FUCKING HELP YOU!" I screamed, furiously. He was so fucking difficult sometimes. I felt my face and the tip if my ears heat up.

"I AM MAD! WE CAN JUST FIGHT TOGETHER DICKHEAD!" He screamed back, punching the air. I felt my hands moving, and i became horrified as my fist came in contact with Liam's jaw.

Liam fell backwards with a thud, knocking his head on the corner of the kitchen table. His mouth gushed blood, along with the back of his head.

I stopped dead cold. I couldn't move, couldn't breath. Tears fell from my blurry eyes as I stared.

Liam slowly moved his hand up to his mouth, wiping of blood, only to be replaced with more. He stared at the redness on his fingers, disbelieving. His cheeks were blotched with tears. Blood trickled down his shirt and neck. Liam closed his eyes.

"You. Are not. My brother. Anymore." He whispered. I felt my heart shatter.

"Liam I-" I started but was cut off.

"No." Liam said clearly. He shoved me into the kitchen wall, pain shot through my back. He walked to the front door and opened it. Blood still dripped from his mouth as his hair was also stained.

"Li." I whimpered. I could've said so much more, but i knew it wouldn't matter.

"No." He whispered, looking me dead in the eye. What I saw made my shattered heart shatter even more. How he once looked at me with love was gone. All I saw was hatred. Pure, cold hearted hatred.

He made a disgusted face and ran out the door, hearing a slam as the door closed. My vision was gone, blurry with constant tears. It felt like my heart stopped beating entirely. I slid against the wall, onto my butt. I held my stomach, feeling like I was going to puke.

"Liam." I whimpered.

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