Payne Twins

Ian and Liam were opposites. Liam had few tattoos and rarely wore leather, whilst Ian's body was lost in ink and piercings. Aside their differences, they depended on each other for everything.
But after Ian makes a horrible accident, Liam and Ian's whole relationship could end in tatters.
With their parents thought dead by the car crash, and Jarred taunting them, they find the help of perky Niall, and a reluctant Zayn.
Plan Kill Jarred is a go, and the four only have a limited time to save Ian and Liam's parents, and there own lives.


20. chapter 18: reality check

Ian's POV

My whole body hurt. I was freezing cold, but was sweating so bad from unbearable heat. My fingers felt numb and my cheeks were sore.

Liam had found me. If I heard correctly, he said he never stopped loving me. But was my mind tricking me. Maybe he left me in the forest, and I was in hell for my sins?

I slowly breathed, my chest aching everytime it moved. I couldn't open my eyes or move my body, but it shook from the bumps from what I'm assuming is from the car I'm in.

I hear voices. Silent, almost seeming imaginary. My ears were ringing horribly, and I wanted it to stop. But I heard them. Perhaps I was alive, then.

I suddenly felt a hand resting on my shoulder, squeezing it lightly. The hand felt soft and gentle, and my first assumption was Niall. He liked me, I'm sure.

"What if he's....dead?" I heard the all too familiar voice sob. My heart increased rapidly.

No, Liam! I'm not dead! I'm right here! Please, no, don't cry! Please...please love me....

"I'm sure he's fine, Li." Zayn's abrupt voice says. Of fucking course, no sympathy in his vile words. Li is MY nickname for him, and I hated hearing it roll of his venomous tongue.

"You're right. I'm sure he'll be all right...." Liam whispers so quietly my ringing ears have to strain to hear them.

No, no! Fight for me! Yell at him for having to much hope! Fight for me...please...,

Everything blacks out as my eyes well up with tears.

~two days later~

"Please....please. Just please." I hear Liam's voice sob, and my heart beats violently against my hurting chest. My throat tightens, my words losing themselves.

"please! Ian, please! Wake up! Please!" Liam screams suddenly, viscously shaking my body.

Liam! Calm down! I'm here! Please, please stop shouting.

"Ian...." Liam's voice trails off, and I hear small snores full the room. His warm body is draped over mine, his warmth covering my chilled body.

I open my mouth, using all my strength, but no words come out. A couple tears fall out of my eyes and burn my cheeks. Liam's slow breathing slowly puts me too sleep.


"Liam! No!" I scream, but Liam doesn't hear me. He continues sobbing, and steps closer to the ledge of the building. I try to move, but I'm frozen in place.

"Liam stop!" I scream so hard my lungs hurt. But, he closes his eyes and jumps off the building.


"No!" I scream, my eyes flying open. I bolt upright, my body shaking. Complete darkness surrounds me, and I lay on a mattress.

"Liam!" I call out, but no one answers. "Liam!" I yell louder, but still hear nothing. Panic sets in, and I quickly jump up onto my feet, landing on a hardwood floor.

I can move. I stretch my aching limbs, groaning from the pain. My back is dying, sore from laying on it so long.

"Liam!" I try, but yet to no avail. I stumble around in the darkness, searching for a light switch. My hands painfully hit something, and I flip the switch up.

The room floods with light, to reveal a fancy hotel room. The mattress was in fact a bed, with velvet sheets and very fluffy pillows.

The room itself was classy, with a flat screen tv and leather couches. It was fairly large, with a mini fridge in the corner.

"What the hell?" I mumble, my sore eyes shutting in the bright lights. I eventually re-open them, ignoring the sting. The door is closed, which explains why no one could hear me.


I grab my cell phone, which is luckily on the table beside the bed. I dual Liam's number, praying he answers. I fiddle with my lip piercing, my eyes tracing over all my endless tattoos.

"Ian?" Liam's voice suddenly yells into the phone. I wince, his loud voice hurting my sensitive ears.

"Shhhh, not so loud." I complain, holding the phone away from my ear.

"Sorry...I're alive! Thank god! I'll be there super quick, just sit and rest, okay?" Liam's relieved voice says.

"I'm been resting for the long has it been?" I ask, suddenly aware it must have been a while.

"Eight days..." Liam says quietly.

"Oh..." I answer, guilt running though my body.

"God...I thought you were dead. I thought I lost you!" Liam sobs, and I hear Niall's voice tell him to hang up before he loses it.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I promise." I say weakly. "I'll be waiting, okay?"

"Yeah...yeah." Liam sniffs, and hangs up.

I put down my phone, waiting for his return.

~five min later~

Liam bursts through the door, crying loudly. He jumps into my arms, holding me so tightly my sore body aches even more.

"You're alive! I-I thought you-you were de-dead!" Liam yells, resting his head in the crook of my neck. I hug him back, my own tears forming in my eyes.

"I love you so much! Why? Wh-why did you t-try to ki-kill yourself?" Liam asks, his voice cracking terribly.

"I..I didn't plan on it. I thought you wanted me to die. I know you don't love me, Liam." I say quietly.

Liam stares up at me, silent. His mouth is agape. His eyes...his eyes are empty. Full of sorrow, of disbelieve, of anger, yet so empty.

"Wha..what? No..that's not..what?" Liam stutters, gasping for air. I suddenly feel a sharp sting on my cheek, indicating Liam had slapped me.

"You idiot! That's fucking retarded of you to think that! You think I don't love you?! You're my rock! My twin! The one I depend on! I've been waiting for you too wake up, crying and screaming for you! You're telling me you wanted to die?! You're telling me all this time you thought I hated you? You're fucking wrong! I love you! I love you so much it hurts! When you called me my world became whole again, my heart was filled with so much happiness! I love you, Ian, and I always fucking will! Get that through your thick fucking skull!" Liam screams, stamping his foot on the ground. His face is red and his fists are clenched.

I'm frozen with shock and quilt. "I'm sorry..." I'm whisper, tears blurring my vision. Liam gasps, closing his red eyes. He falls into my lap again.

"Please. I love you. I love our parents. We have to save them, we have to find them. But I need you here with me. I don't care about Zayn or Niall, I care about you. Only you and our parents. We have to go now." Liam begs, clutching onto my shirt.

"Okay." I say, nodding.

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