Payne Twins

Ian and Liam were opposites. Liam had few tattoos and rarely wore leather, whilst Ian's body was lost in ink and piercings. Aside their differences, they depended on each other for everything.
But after Ian makes a horrible accident, Liam and Ian's whole relationship could end in tatters.
With their parents thought dead by the car crash, and Jarred taunting them, they find the help of perky Niall, and a reluctant Zayn.
Plan Kill Jarred is a go, and the four only have a limited time to save Ian and Liam's parents, and there own lives.


18. chapter 16: bitter cold

Ian's POV

The heat hit my legs, but it felt good against the cold air. I swallowed, blinking the smoke away from my eyes.

The moment I walked into that fucking shop, I knew I wasn't excepted. I saw Zayn's glare, while Liam didn't. Zayn hates me, and he makes it very clear when Liam's not looking. Niall seems cool with me, but then again he doesn't know half of the story.

Liam seems all buddy-buddy with him, and I'll be honest and say I really fucking hate that. That used to be me, talking and laughing with Liam, telling each other stories. But now, he's been ignoring me, probably not on purpose, with Zayn all night long.

The campfires running out. I should get wood, maybe even pretend we don't have wood, even though Therese a whole pile behind me. At least I won't have to see Liam and Zayn together for ten minutes.

I feel like Liam doesn't trust me. I know he doesn't trust me. And how could he? I betrayed him in the worst way possible. I broke the promise I tried to keep my whole life.

Tears brimmed my eyes, threatening to spill out. I drew in a shaky breath, glancing to see if Liam noticed. He didn't, to busy laughing with Zayn.

My chest tightened. I felt like I was going to puke. He looked so happy, so carefree. With Zayn. Not me. Never me. Never again will we be like that.

I stood up, muttering about getting wood. Liam didn't notice, nor did Zayn. Niall briefly looked up and smiled slightly, nodding. He quickly turned back to Zayn, laughing to some joke I didn't hear.

I tried not to run as I walked into darkness. I walked past the car, which held our guns and supplies. We had driven until it was dark, then decided to take the night to rest.

The light of the fire flickered behind me. I heard no footsteps. Liam would've followed me, but he didn't. He doesn't trust to be alone with me. He doesn't love me. He doesn't think me as his brother, but rather his enemy.

Tears burned my eyes, falling from them slowly. The bitter cold stung my wet cheeks. I gasped for air, sobbing loudly.

All light disappeared. All I saw was darkness, tress surrounding me. My stomach wrenched, sick at the thought of Zayn and Liam together.

I dropped to my knees, slouching. I wrap my arms around my waist, crying. I couldn't breath. I couldn't think.

He hates you. He doesn't love you. You are an enemy. Worthless to him. How could Liam love a monster like you? You don't deserve it. Kill yourself. It would make everyone else happy. No one needs you. Liam doesn't need you. Liam doesn't love you.

My brain filled with these thoughts. They were true. I'm a monster. Nobody loves me. All my life I thought I was protecting Liam, but I'm the enemy. Liam doesn't love me.

Liam doesn't love me. Liam doesn't love me. Liam doesn't love me. Liam doesn't love me. Liam doesn't love me. Liam doesn't love me.

Darkness filled me. My eyes, my brain, my heart. I felt like breaking down, like nothing could save me from drowning in this guilt.

My sobs went silent. I couldn't breathe. My body shook. The cold wrapped around me, freezing my body. Tears kept falling out, sticking to my face.

Liam doesn't love me. Liam doesn't love me. Liam doesn't love me. Liam doesn't love me. Liam doesn't love me. Liam doesn't love me.

All other thoughts left my frozen brain. I felt reality slip away, as I'm left in my own personal hatred for myself. I promised. I broke that promise.

He's happy with Zayn. Zayn can be his brother. The brother he deserves. We were twins, yet I'm evil, and he's good. Evil and good don't go together.

I fell to my side, laying on the cold ground. I sobbed, silent due to lack of breath. My whole body shivered, the cold biting at my skin.

Footsteps. Somebody was coming. They would see me lying here, and they would laugh. Laugh at how pathetic I am. Laugh at how they knew I was weak. Laugh knowing I wasn't needed anyway.

The footsteps get closer, the sound getting louder and louder. My pounding ears almost burst. The sound seemed do loud, yet so distant.

My eyes were closed, but light creeped onto my eyelids. It was distant, but it was there. Who was it? Zayn coming to beat me to death? Niall coming to see me, and figure out my true self? Liam coming to tell me I'm right.

The footsteps pounded in my ears, as I detected twigs snapping and tress rustling. Whoever it was was getting closer. Or was it some random person, to find me and leave me behind, leaving me to die?

The footsteps stopped. A horrified gasp escaped the person, and the light dropped to the ground with a thud.

"Ian?" Liam's voice sounded distant. He's here. He came. To tell me I'm wrong? To tell me I'm right? I couldn't move. The cold took over me. I was paralyzed with guilt.

"Ian? Ian?" Liam voiced was panicked. It must be fake, to lead me on probably. He didn't love me. Liam doesn't love me. Liam knelt down beside me, shaking my frozen body. I couldn't respond. I could just lay there, waiting for him to tell me he doesn't need me.

"Ian? Ian? Ian? Ian?" Liam kept repeating. He stopped shaking me suddenly, silent and still. This is it. This is when he tells me he doesn't love me.

"Why? ......why? What...what did I do?" Liam whispered, so quietly the wind almost took it. My heart beat slowly. Everything seemed surreal.

I wanted to talk to him. To hold his hand. To feel his warm hugs. But I couldn't move. My breath was running out, as it got harder to breathe.

"I know you can hear me, Ian..." Liam whispered. His voice trailed off, and he took my hand into his. I tried, but I couldn't wrap my fingers around his.

"Whatever you isn't true. Zayn isn't, he never was, he's not.....i never replaced you with him. You other half. My everything. Please Ian, get up?" Liam begged, pulling at my arm.

It felt like the world was walking away from me. The wind, Liam's voice, my own thoughts, all seemed to fade. All things disappeared, complete blackness taking over my being.

"I never stopped loving you..." I heard Liam say, then everything was gone.

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