Payne Twins

Ian and Liam were opposites. Liam had few tattoos and rarely wore leather, whilst Ian's body was lost in ink and piercings. Aside their differences, they depended on each other for everything.
But after Ian makes a horrible accident, Liam and Ian's whole relationship could end in tatters.
With their parents thought dead by the car crash, and Jarred taunting them, they find the help of perky Niall, and a reluctant Zayn.
Plan Kill Jarred is a go, and the four only have a limited time to save Ian and Liam's parents, and there own lives.


1. chapter 1: Fate Springs

Ava's POV

The wind in my hair was refreshing from the hot sun, which was making my leather seat almost hot. My pink convertible purred as I turned on the street of Fate Springs, my school in Florida. My pink crop-top flapped in the breeze, showing off my matching pink lacy bra. My pink short shorts and hot pink converse matched with them. I had a rainbow belly piercing and tongue piercing, as well.

My mansion, which just me and my mom lived in, seemed far away, but in reality was only twenty minutes. I fucking hated school. It was a waste if my time. I was rich and loved it. My mom did whatever I asked, as she was always busy working to care what I did. She was putty in my hands, as was the whole school. I was popular, and people loved me.

I sound like brat, and I am. I'll admit I am a bitch, but I loved that too. All the boys love me and my slutty ways. I'll show off my body, but I only sleep with limited guys, barely any really. I'm not that stupid to catch some STD.

I parked in my spot in the school parking lot, looking around for my girls. I got out, shutting off my car. I stepped out, enjoying the dog whistles from the jocks as I strutted to the front door. I spotted my girls flirting with some dudes.

I caught there attention, waving my hand to ask them to come over to me. They ran over, giggling.

"Oh my god, Ava, have you seen the Payne twins?! They are like so fucking sexy! At least, Ian is, Liam's a goody two shoes." Whitney, my best friend of the four, rolled her eyes at Liam's name.

"But like, holy shit, you have to meet them soon! They just started today, but everyone's met them so." Brianna, the annoying friend said. Sometimes I question why I'm friends with her.

"Yeah, I'll do that. Look, I gotta go. Ttyl." I rolled my eyes at Brianna, waving goodbye too Whitney and the other two, Carly and Teneale.

I walked into the school, my mind wondering to the the "Payne Twins". I wonder, even though whit said Liam's a goody two shoes, he did definitely peek my interest. I truly loved innocent boys, it gives my a chance to show them what they're missing. But Ian sounds like a good time.

Out if my train of thought, I realized the halls have gone empty, as the bell must if rung. I shrugged, deciding to skip class. Just as I turn around to go back outside, I slam into a heavy body.

I stumble back, looking up at the towering body. My mind told me Ian. He had tattoos covering his arms and neck, and a eyebrow and bottom lip piercing. He wore a black muscle shirt with a bunch of scribbled words like looked like a different language and black pre-ripped skinny jeans. His short, brown hair styles in a quiff. Behind him must be Liam, as he looked the same with the hair and face, but his body was clear of tattoos except for four arrows, a feather, and a few messages. He wore a black muscle shirt, but it was empty of words. Matching jeans also. He had no piercing as far as I could see.

"Hey, sexy. You know where the office is?" Ian asked, smirking at me playfully. I smirked back, I liked Ian already. Liam glared at his brother for his choice of words.

"That way, bad boy. And tell your brother to loosen up." I pointed down the hall, while raising an eyebrow at Liam. He rolled his eyes but a smirk formed on his lips.

"thanks, chicky." Ian said, nodding his head for his brother to go. Liam sighed and punched his brother in the shoulder and whispered something in his ear. Liam smiled and laughed a husky laugh as he walked off toward the office. Ian laughed back.

"Thanks, again. See you at the strip club." He joked, running his eyes down my almost naked body. I felt a jolt of courage and lifted my shirt, showing him my lacy bra. I winked as I jiggled my boobs. Ian threw his head back and laughed loudly. He grabbed the waist band of my short shorts and pulled my against him.

"Such a flirt." He whispered, his hot breath tickled my neck. I giggled. He gently kissed my cheek, pulling back and smiling a genuine smile. "See ya later chicky." He said, shoving something into my pocket. He turned and walked toward the office, disappearing behind the door.

I bit my lip, smiling and blushing. I reached down and grabbed the piece of paper from my pocket. Liam's and Ian's phone number.

I know who I'm texting tonight.

Hey guys! Sorry it's so short, but I had family over and things got super busy! XD brothers be crazy! I'll try to upload every chapter roughly every two-three days. Also, I'm writing another book, Totally Super, check that out please!

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