It's Kinda a Funny Story! (A Demi/Sonny Chad/Sterling story.)

Demi finds herself face to face with her old boyfreind Chad Dylan Cooper. What happens when they see each other after six years? Will Demi fall for "Chad" again?


4. The Accident

Demi just walked in her door and realized she went on a date with her ex-boyfriend. She walked outside for some air. As she was walking she didn't see a car coming. CRASH! Everything went black. People were screaming." Call an ambulance! Demi Lovato has been in an accident!" Then Demi was out into the ambulance and the paramedics looked through her phone to see anyone they could contact. They found Sterling and called him. "Hello is this Sterling Knight?" Yes. Why are you calling from Demi's phone?" She had been in an accident." WHAT! I'm on my way!" Sterling reached the hospital and waited outside the room Demi was in. The doctor said she had a broken leg and a bit of memory loss. " I hope she remembers me.." You may come in now mr. Knight." Thank you" Sterling entered the room and was shocked at Demi's condition.

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