It's Kinda a Funny Story! (A Demi/Sonny Chad/Sterling story.)

Demi finds herself face to face with her old boyfreind Chad Dylan Cooper. What happens when they see each other after six years? Will Demi fall for "Chad" again?


6. Is It True?

Demi's POV

" that that cant be right! Haha! Very Funny guys come out now! Hahaha!" De-Sonny..Listen we broke up six years ago Mac Falls ended so did So Random!"  Demi looked in the cracked mirror that she used when she was on the show. "Pink! I dyed my hair PINK!?" Why do you keep saying Demi? Thats not my name you know that!" You changed your name and left So Random!" you know why?" No Sonny i dont." Could you drop me home?" Yea lets go!"

Wait Chad this isn't my house." Actually yes it is." Um ok..I guess i'll see you around then." Yea1 Bye Sonny!" Bye." She found a key in her pocket and opened the door. "Surprise!!!" AHHH!" Ahahaha!" Mom? Mom!" She hugged her mom."Hey Demi how are you feeling?" Fine Chad showed me around the studio. My old dressing room is a mess. I already know about my memory loss." Demi! Dems!" Hi! Uhh..." Oh...Right..Demi this is your half-sister Maddie!" Hey Dems!" Hey Maddie!" Maddie hugged Demi and Demi hugged her back.

Hey Chad! It's me Demi..How are you? Could i come over tomorrow?

 - Demi:)

Yea Sure lemme text u the address. Im good. How are you?



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