It's Kinda a Funny Story! (A Demi/Sonny Chad/Sterling story.)

Demi finds herself face to face with her old boyfreind Chad Dylan Cooper. What happens when they see each other after six years? Will Demi fall for "Chad" again?


3. I am Sonny.

Demi's POV

" I am Chad. I changed my name after Mackenzie Falls ended." Those were the words that were swirling through Demi's mind at that moment. " Hey um, Sterling I uh I gotta go." She just wanted some time to think about what Sterling just said.

" oh uh, see you around then. Wait. What's your number?" Oh my gosh! were the words going through Demi's mind. " Oh yea sure! Here! She gave him her phone number on a napkin. " Cool, thanks m'lady. Oh. Umm I mean demi." Demi quickly smiled when he said m'lady. She remembered him calling her that a lot when they were dating. She said goodbye and walked away.

Sterling's POV

I saw her smile quickly when I called her m'lady by accident. She... She is so pretty. Sterling sat at the table thinking about Demi. He finally got the nerves to text Demi. "Hey Demi, I was wondering if you wanted to go to dinner tomorrow night m'lady? - Your Chad" he sent the text and got a reply immediately from Demi saying "Hey, yes, I would love to go to dinner with you. Pick me up at 7? - Demi" " Sure, call me when your ready."

The next day.

Sterling was waiting outside where Demi told him to meet her. She came out the front door in plaid skirt, black shirt with a heart in the middle and a leather jacket. Her hair was in a braid to the side. "Hey, So-Demi." Sterling go ahead, call me Sonny if it makes you comfortable." Really? Are you sure?" Yes. Go ahead." Ok. Cool. So Sonny where would you like to eat?" Um... What do you like Sterling?" Well anything for m'lady. I mean anything is cool." I'll let you decide. I'm only visiting for a couple if months for my Neon Lights Tour." Oh. You.. Uh.. Sing now! That's cool." Yea. Come on let's go!" Ok!" They finally chose an Italian restaurant and say down and started talking. As they were eating they realized there were girls wanting Demi's autograph. She excused herself and started signing albums." Ch-Sterling I'm soo sorry about that!" She had an embarrassed look on her face." No it's cool."

Sterling dropped Demi to home and said goodbye. As he was on his way to his car he whispered to himself " I miss you Sonny. I never thought I'd see you again."

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