It's Kinda a Funny Story! (A Demi/Sonny Chad/Sterling story.)

Demi finds herself face to face with her old boyfreind Chad Dylan Cooper. What happens when they see each other after six years? Will Demi fall for "Chad" again?


5. Coming Home

Chad's POV

"D-Demi.. Demi are you alright?" Ch-Chad? Chad.. Who's Demi?" Oh geez! She has lost most of her memory from the past six years! Great she is going to think we never broke up and she's still on So Random! The hair! She's gonna freak! "Hey Sonny.. sorry Demi was an old friend that just texted. Um how about we get you out of here and back to my place?" Yea sounds great!" Hold on let metalk to the doctor real quick." Alright Chaddy!" She just called me Chaddy! OH NO!!

"Hey Chad Where's Tawni and the others?" Umm Im not sure maybe they are vack at the studio." Can we stop and see the studio to see if they are there?" Um yea suree." 

(back in Condor Studios) 

"Woah! Chad what happened in here?!" Woah! The dressing room Tawni and Sonny used to share was wrecked! Sonny's mirror was cracked and all her dresses and clothes were torn except the one she wore on her first date with Chad.  Chad picked up the dress and held it in his hands remembering their first date. "Hey Chad there's a note thats crumpled up here! Come and see it!" WOAH!" The note said "I miss you Sonny.. please please come back! -Tawni" Um Chad why is that note say to come back?" Um Sonny.. " Chad grabbed her hand*  So Random! ended six years ago and so did the Falls.. You changed your name and you are a famous singer now.. You got into a car accident and lost your memory.."

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