You make me strong


1. Chapter 1.

Ariana's Pov

                                        ~8:03 A.M.~

  Ugh great, another day in hell. I get up and take a shower and put on a sleeveless white top with skinny jeans, floral combat boots and my glasses. I kept my hair naturally curl like always. I grabbed my phone and back pack and went downstairs and ate breakfast. I walked to school like every other school day. 


   I walk into the school doors and walk to my locker. I don't get noticed by anyone, I get bullied a lot. I accidentally walked into some one. "Oh my, i'm sorry Luke." Luke is my bully, he started to bully me when i rejected him. "Whore watch were your going!" He yells at me pushing me to the lockers while everyone stares at me. As i ran to my locker i grabbed my stuff for math and locked my locker. I walked in and sat in the very back, I didn't like sitting in the front of the class room.


  "Class we have a new student, class this is Harry Styles." Mrs.Lewis walked to her desk and sat down. "Harry tell us about you." He smiled. "I'm Harry and I am 19 years old, I'm from Holmes Chapel."He looked at the class. "Are you single?" Someone from the middle of the class giggled."Yes." He winked. "Well Harry, sit down beside Ariana." Mrs.Lewis pointed to the seat next to me.


  "Hi." I smiled. "Hey." he smiled back. Half of the girls in the class were staring at Harry and winking. As the bell rang i stood up and headed out the door when I heard Someone call my name. "Ariana wait up!" I looked back to see Harry behind me. "Yeah?" I asked "Umm can you show me around?"


                                                           Harry's Pov

  She was gorgeous! Her beautiful blue eyes sparkling as she smiles. Oh well she must have a boyfriend already. "Umm can you show me around?" Hoping she'd say yes. "Uhh yeah sure." She grinned and we started walking. "Whats your locker number?" "Locker number 234" I looked down at the paper in my hand. We walked to his locker in silence, when this guy came and pushed Ariana to the ground. "Watch it bitch, oh look Ariana finally has a friend!" He laughed and so did everyone else around her. His other friends surrounded her and they all started to punch her and started to call her names. Why were they doing this to her? She looks so innocent! She just ran off crying. I felt really bad.

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