Movellas school of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Have you wanted to go to Hogwarts? Well welcome to the online version! You can sign up, and come here for as long as you like. But this just like Hogwarts. You can take extra classes, if you like, and you can try out for the quiddich team, you have get sorted into a house, you get to a wand, all of the above! It's Hogwarts through and through!


4. Quiddich

I haven't told you much about quiddich, have I? Quiddich is a game of trivia, where you score points, by getting the right answers. People are tested for there smarts, and not for there skill. I know I haven't told you much about quiddich, so if you want to withdraw your quiddich application, even if I said you could be captain, you have all rights to with draw! The goal of the game is to get as many quiestions right as possible. 1 quiestion = 10 points. The first team to get 100 points, wins! But it's more than that! 

Team jobs:

Seeker: Often team captain, is the speaker for the team.

Chaser: Is refered to as the person who knows about Hogwarts, and history

Beaters: Researchers and have to know about Harry potters life

Keeper: Knows the most about Harry Potter

Team captions:

Gryffendor: Ray Barnes

Ravenclaw: Reena Scalette 

Huffelpuff: We have nobody in Hogwarts right now who is in huffelpuff

Slytheryn: we have nobody in hogwarts 

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