Movellas school of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Have you wanted to go to Hogwarts? Well welcome to the online version! You can sign up, and come here for as long as you like. But this just like Hogwarts. You can take extra classes, if you like, and you can try out for the quiddich team, you have get sorted into a house, you get to a wand, all of the above! It's Hogwarts through and through!


8. Divination

Hello students, this is your new divination teacher: Nok74. This year we will be working with tea bags and crystal balls. These are the terms you will need to know  for this semester (remember to write them in your homework movella).

A dog head: symbol of the Grim, one of the darkest omens in this world. If you see a Grim, you are going to die soon.

A skull: symbol of dark magic, if seen, there is a strange force (usually an evil force) near you.

A black crow: symbol of the Death Crow, like the Grim, if you see this symbol you are going to die soon.

An olive branch: symbol of peace

The sun: symbol of happiness

Those are the terms you need to know for this semester. Remember to have them written in your homework movella-due 2/23/14-good luck!


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