The Granger Triplets

Hannah, Hermione and Jodie are the three Granger triplets. They would always be with each other until they get sorted into different houses and they turn against each other. Can three boys bring them together in the battle of Hogwarts.


2. The Battle Begins

Hannah's P.O.V

At Hogwarts a battle was beginning. Proffessor McConagal has put a protection charm on the school but Voldemort's broken it. I went to as safe a place I could but Death Eaters and Snatchers still found me. I tried to find someone in paticular. Seamus Finnagan. The person that I have had a crush on since I started Hogwarts. Some people I knew and loved had just died. My best friend Lavender Brown has died and she was killed by Feniere Greyback the werewolf. Lupin and Tonks are dead. Fred's died as well. The Weasleys are heart broken especially George his twin, best friend and brother was dead. Harry, Ron and Hermione have destroyed another Horcrux. Hermione and Ron are now Romione which happened in the Chamber of Secrets. "Harry." I shouted running after he had destroyed the Horcrux. "Harry. Harry." "Yes Hannah." He said. Ron and Hermione weren't with him. I hugged him. "Your not going. Are you?" I asked. "I have to Hannah." He said. "No." "Hannah I have to." He left me and I cried. I cried like I had never cried before.

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