The Granger Triplets

Hannah, Hermione and Jodie are the three Granger triplets. They would always be with each other until they get sorted into different houses and they turn against each other. Can three boys bring them together in the battle of Hogwarts.


3. Death Of A Granger

Hermione's P.O.V

"Hannah. Jodie. Where are you?" I screamed. Ron had persuaded me to apolagise to Hannah and Jodie for everything. Harry hadn't gone to the Forbidden Forest yet. But he was going to. I went into the Great Hall and Jodie ran up to me sobbing. "Jodie. Jodie what's the matter?" I asked and she lead me to where Fred, Remus and Tonks were. Lying next to Fred Weasley was Hannah. She was dead. I bent down next to to her and burst into tears. Seamus, Neville, Luna, Cho, Hannah Abbot and lots of other people were crying their eyes out at the death of Hannah. She was loved and cared for by everyone. Even the teachers were crying. "It was Bellatrix." Draco said. He and Jodie were now Drodie. After seven whole years of hatred they now loved each other. I new that Seamus and Hannah were always meant to be but it never happened. I was devastated at Hannah's death and I couldn't help crying. Jodie's blond hair was soaking wet through all of the tears. "Jodie. Jodie it's alright." I said, "Just calm down ok." "Ok."  "Where's Harry?" Luna asked. "I don't know." "Outside." Seamus said pointing out there. "Harry." I said and I went out to him, "Harry. Where are you going?" "Forest." "Your kidding mate." Ron said. "To many people died- For me. I can't let that happen anymore." He said. "No. Harry." I said. He ignored me and walked on.

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