You Again ????? ( A Louis Tomlinson fan fiction )

Amber is your average 17 year old girl with her whole life ahead of her well kinda, she is now starting a crazy life after a crazy suprise what will happen when she finds her new family ? Will they bring back old memories ? Find out in You Again ?????


3. One Direction

" hey Amber " yelled my two best friends Emma and Lindy in sync I looked up from my book only to see three pieces of paper in front of my face. I grabed one and it read One Direction ultimate V.I.P. concert tickets. " Aren't you exited ?" The girl said in sync again, I've told Emma and Lindy about Louis but not the part about it being the Louis Tomlinson.

          Flashback : 

Me and Louis were sitting on his couch watching the top 10 music videos hoping the fray would get # 1 and of course they did but during the commercials an X factor add came on ! Louis you should audition ."  "Ya think so?" " ya" " ok then I will ." " YAY!" Then he never talked to me again.

       End of flashback


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