You Again ????? ( A Louis Tomlinson fan fiction )

Amber is your average 17 year old girl with her whole life ahead of her well kinda, she is now starting a crazy life after a crazy suprise what will happen when she finds her new family ? Will they bring back old memories ? Find out in You Again ?????


22. Oh huh ya we made it

Ahhhhhh Louis get up ! Its 10:45 Church Is at 11 get up!! I am I am Every one was franticly getting ready finnaly they got in the car and sped off to the church. When they got there they could see everyone staring at them Zayns and his gf Claudia Niall and his new gf Emma Harry and his new gf Lindy and Liam and his new girl friend Harper.  And of course mum and the preacher . Amber threw out a little wave and Bree started  laughing then everyone else did to.


Authors note sorry for the short chapter but it was just a filler the next chapter will be a good one.

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