You Again ????? ( A Louis Tomlinson fan fiction )

Amber is your average 17 year old girl with her whole life ahead of her well kinda, she is now starting a crazy life after a crazy suprise what will happen when she finds her new family ? Will they bring back old memories ? Find out in You Again ?????


4. My family

After school that day I walked home good thing I wore shorts and a tank top today it is HOT!! I said to Emma and Lindy as we walked to our houses. As we reached my house I said bye and walked to my door and unlocked it my parents were sittimg at a table with a photo album my mom motioned me to sit  down I slouched my bag over the side of the chair and sat down. " Was up? "  " Well since your 18 we decided to tell you this," She slid out a picture of a mom and two babies " this is your mom Anne Styles and this is your twin brother Harry. " This is crazy. " I looked at my "dad"  "What  about you? You look just like me ? "  " I know that's because im you and Harrys dad." Then it dawned on me Harry Styles no way that's Louis best friend. Ughhhhh stupid life.

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