You Again ????? ( A Louis Tomlinson fan fiction )

Amber is your average 17 year old girl with her whole life ahead of her well kinda, she is now starting a crazy life after a crazy suprise what will happen when she finds her new family ? Will they bring back old memories ? Find out in You Again ?????


23. After church

After church everyone went out to lunch at b dubs . We sat down while Bree was in the middle of me and Louis then there was Niall and Emma and then Lindy and my twin Harry I know she is going to be my sister in law I just know it.  On the opposite side was Zayn and Claudia then Liam and Harper and Mum was right across from me. We had a blast just chilling out everyone in their own conversation. When me and Louis left since it was getting late we decided to go back home to get Bree to bed. Me and Louis went to the living room after we had put Bree to bed. About an hour into the movie we heard crying I ran in tjere with Louis behind me I ran in the nursery only to see Bree was gone.

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