You Again ????? ( A Louis Tomlinson fan fiction )

Amber is your average 17 year old girl with her whole life ahead of her well kinda, she is now starting a crazy life after a crazy suprise what will happen when she finds her new family ? Will they bring back old memories ? Find out in You Again ?????


25. 1 year later,,

It had been two years since Louis got Bree back from Nathan him and Amber had just had another baby Belle they decided all of their kids would have names that started with a B. All the couples Liam and Harper , Lindy and Harry , Niall and Emma, and Zayn and Claudia.  Are all  married and have a baby. Liam and Harper have a daughter Jayla , Lindy and harry have a daughter Darcy,  Niall and Emma have a daughter Taylor, and Zayn and Claudia  have twin boys Joshua and Jacob and well as you know Louis and Amber have Almost two year old Bree and week old Belle. Louis and Amber moved into a bigger house so the girls can have a good life . Belle's room is just like Bree's old nursery and Bree's new room is a purple and pink theme both the girls have a walk in closet and own bathroom even though they are both under the age of 2. Louis and the rest of the boys are on tour Lindy and Harry live with us and so do Niall and Emma Claudia and Zayn live with Harper and Liam.

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