Love last forever

Claire and Louis were dating before the Xfactor then he said he would come back . He didn't but what happens when they meet up and start to date again ???? Find out in ' Love Last Forever '


5. The hospital

I woke up with bright lights in my eyes . I adjusted to the light and felt a hand wrapped around mine " she's awake " a deep British voice said , Harry . Then a swarm of doctors came in and took some stuff out and asked me a couple questions and then they left the room leaving me and Louis . The hand tightened around me and I looked at him " I thought there was someone else " i say angrily " I'm so sorry " Louis says . " who is the new person " I spat " I can't love anyone else and without you I'm a wreck , ask the boys ask anyone who as experienced these 3 months with me we canceled shows and I never left your side I .... I love you " he said and tears brimmed his eyes " Louis I miss you and I miss us and ever since you left there has been a empty place in my heart " I say " would you like to start over " he asks I nod " hi I'm Louis Tomlinson " he says " hello I'm Claire Henderson " I say and smile " would you let me take you to dinner tonight " he asks " that would be lovely " I answer . He hugs me and I lay my head on his shoulder and then the boys burst in . They tackle me in a hug . " let's go put these on " Niall said and threw a white Crop top at me and some black skinny jeans with white converse . I walked to the bathroom and changed and washed my face with a rag and lightly did my makeup and put my hair in a side fishtail and I walked out of the bathroom . I put my gown on the bed and Louis reached his hand out for me . " shall we " he asks " we shall " I say and peck his lips . We walked outside with he boys following . We pushed through fans and paps an they were shouting questions " are you and Louis together , why were you in the hospital " Louis stood on the top of a car and yelled " everyone this is my girlfriend Claire Henderson I love her and you guys should to please don't hate on her or anyone that is involved with the boys and I if we are happy you all Should be to . " he shouted and everyone grew quite . He motioned me on top of the car and I climbed on top of the car . He smashed his lips against mine and we move in sync and everyone cheers .

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