Love last forever

Claire and Louis were dating before the Xfactor then he said he would come back . He didn't but what happens when they meet up and start to date again ???? Find out in ' Love Last Forever '


7. pregnant

I woke up and the spot was next to me cold a note was on the table

Dear Claire ,

I had to leave to pack for tour . Sorry I couldn't tell you yesterday I just got the call . I love you see you in 5 months the plane ticket is under this letter love you

~ Louis

I smiled and picked up the plane ticket . I slid it in my purse and ran to the bathroom because the urge to throw up . I threw up of hours and hours then I grabbed a pregnancy test . I called my best friend Perrie . " Pez come to my place quick " I say into the phone and hang up . 10 minutes later Perrie is standing in my bathroom . " your pregnant " she shouts . I nod tears flowing down my face . " what about louis what if he leaves me " I ask she hugs me " he won't he loves you " she says " pez could you stay here with me for the 5 months " I ask " yeah I already have a bag packed in my car for some unknown reason " she says and runs outside . She comes back inside Carrying a suitcase . " here you can sleep in here " I say and open a bedroom door " thanks "' she says and smiled . She threw her bag in the room " let's have a sleepover " she squeals and I laugh " ok " I say .

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