Love last forever

Claire and Louis were dating before the Xfactor then he said he would come back . He didn't but what happens when they meet up and start to date again ???? Find out in ' Love Last Forever '


2. meetup

I woke up and got ready and got dressed in a white loose flowing tank top and some grey skinny jeans and some black combat boots . I lightly did my makeup and curled my hair loosely . I grabbed my purse and started off to Starbucks . I walked inside and stopped in my tracks , was it him ? Louis Tomlinson . He looked at me and whispered something to Harry . " Claire Henderson " Louis asks as I walk past his table with my drink . " yes " I say and look at him . He smiles . He jumps up and hugs me . I hug back and smile to myself . " how ya been " he asks . " well Good and I'm happy for your career " I say and he smiled " thanks you look good " He says " how are you and Eleanor " I ask and he pauses " Well we broke up " he mumbled " aw I'm so sorry she doesn't know what she's missing " I say " but do you know what I'm missing , you " he whispered . I blushed and hugged him tighter . I pulled away and smiled " here's my number call me " he said and handed me a paper . I handed him my number and set off home .

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