Love last forever

Claire and Louis were dating before the Xfactor then he said he would come back . He didn't but what happens when they meet up and start to date again ???? Find out in ' Love Last Forever '


6. date night

I ran inside the house and waved to Louis " 8 pm " I yelled and he nodded . He drove away as I rushed into the house . " 3 hours to get ready " I said to myself an ran into my walk in closet . I looked and looked and then got into the shower and started looking again , then I found it be perfect outfit , a white lace mid thigh tank top dress and a big black bow in the middle with white lace pumps with a bow on the toe and I straightened my hair and lightly did my makeup . When I heard a knock I finished putting in my earrings and walked downstairs . " these are for you " he says and hands me a bouquet of roses . I smiled " thank you Lou " I say and sit the roses down on the coffee table . " you look stunning " he compliments as we step outside " our quite handsome tonight " I say " thank you " he says . We walk to the car and he opens the passenger door and I sit down and buckle my seat belt . He rushes to his side and gets in . He starts the car and he puts his seat belt on " here we go " he says and pulls out of my drive way . We drive to a very fancy restaurant and I step out of my open door and Lou takes my hand and we walk inside " Tomlinson table for 2 " he says kindly to the host . He smiled kindly " follow me " he says and leads us to a table . The table had a red Rose and two lit candles . I smile as he pulls out my chair . " thank you " I say as I sit down . " dot mention it " he says back . " so how ya feeling " he asks and rubs his thumbs over our hands that are connected over the table . " well I couldn't be better " I say " that's good " he says and smiled " I love your smile " I said but quickly covered my mouth . That was suppose to be an thought . He chuckled " I love yours to " he says back and his smile grows . The waiter comes and takes our order " Could I get a Coke and a medium pizza and for the lady a lemonade " Louis says . The man nods and walks away . " you remembered my favorite food and drink " I say " how could I forget " he replies and kisses my hand . I smile at him and he looks into my eyes " does this mean we are official " he ask as we eat " well you kinda announced it to the whole world so yeah " I say and he chuckles . " Oh Umm I have to go on tour " Louis mumbles " really " I ask " yeah you will have to meet us 5 months into the tour " he says and sighs " you and the girls will get on a plane to Miami and meet us there " he says and I smile " that's ok as long as your Making your dream happen " i say . He smiles at me " ok let's get going my favorite movie is on at 9 " I say " Oh what movie " he asks bulling his seat belt " Grease " I yell ( that is really my favorite movie I'm not just saying It because the story is about Louis ) " really mine to " he says " well let's go to my house and watch it " I yell an he speeds off and drives to my house . I run inside " cook the popcorn " I scream to Louis " OK " he yells back . I run upstairs and get dressed in sweatpants and a tank top . I run downstairs and Louis is on the couch a bowl of popcorn in his hands and a couple of blankets . " let's get it on " I yelled " not that kinda on " he yelled back . I laughed with him and jumped on the couch . He crawled on top of me and kissed my neck . I moaned and wrapped my legs around him . He place his lips on mine and we moved in sync . He slid down leaving sloppy kisses from my neck to my thigh " Louis " I moan " beg " he smirks " god dammit I need you Louis please " I say and he smirks . " fine " he says as I slide off his boxers and he slides of my clothes . He slowly enters me and begins to thrust " Louis " I moan . " mm Claire " he moans . I grip his hair and move my legs . He begins to thrust faster and then I come to my climax . I feel his liquids go inside of me and he collapsed on the floor next to the couch . He snuggles up to me and I fall asleep

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