Elenor Westchester is the nicest girl you could ever meet.But she has a secret...shes abused by her foster father and is all alone.


9. You okay?


I decided I'm going to update every weekend if I get the chance,this weekend I went camping so that wasnt possible this pastweekend.Sorry!Anyway on with the story.


I haven't seen Sidney in two weeks,which is hard because I've  never spend more that 3 days without her.I haven't eaten.I haven't slept and Justin is very worried."Please eat."He begged.I didn't respond.I just sat on my bed with my head in my knees."Please,I don't want you to get sick!"He got up and went to the kitchen.About 5minutes later he can back with a sandwich and an pickle."Eat."He demanded.I grabbed the pickle and put it in my mouth."Good girl."He cheered."What am I going to do,Justin?"I asked him as he raised a brow."do what?"

"Last without Sidney."

"Well there's always me?"He suggested.

"No offence but your not really going to help.I mean,I'm in the mood to do fun girly stuff."He smirked.

"Oh I'm sure we could find something fun to do..."He stroked my leg."I'm sure we could but Id still miss her."I smiled to him."Well one day ill get what I want,"He said wrongly,"and your going to like it."He walked out.Okay,am I the only one who's frightened by that?!?! 

I got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower,Justin got me feeling dirty and if I didn't want to pounce in him and rip his clothes off I needed to clear my mind.I stripped off my clothes and hopped in.Minutes later,I heard the door open.I peeked out of the curtain.I bit my lip.Justin was standing there without a shirt.I had no idea he had so many tattoos but in a way they just made him sexier."Take a picture,it'll last longer."He smirked.I had no idea I was staring and now that I had I was very embarrassed."Justin,what are you doing?"I asked him,hiding behind the curtains."About to teach you a lesson..''He smirked evilly before removing something from his back.A water gun.Before I could cover myself,I was being sprayed with ice cold water.I schreeked and covered myself with a towel.''Awwww,come on babe,let me see you.''He whined.Mabye I could have a little fun with this?''Fine.You want me?",I asked him.He nodded.I got out of the shower and walked over to him.I was so close to him now,when I talked my lips touched his.''Then come and get it.''I mumbled aganist his lips.He was breathing heavily and staring at my lips.He kissed me lightly,It as getting rougher each time.Not gonna lie,he's a great kisser.I reached my hand onto his fingers which were holding the water gun.I rubbed his hand softly and he let it go.''AHHHH!"He yelled,covering his face as I sprayed him.''Stop,stop!I give up!"I chased him out of the bathroom and shut the door.


             After getting dressed,I climbed on my bed,my wet hair soaking my covers as it stuck to them.I grabbed my phone and went onto twitter.

        Elleegirl: How is your day going,loves?Mine is fine.

Quickly,I got a couple of tweets.

                   (These are made up,if they are real,I'm sorry)

        Bri_gymnastics: @Elleegirl My day's good too,thanks for asking,sis.

Bri isn't my real sister.We just met like a year ago but she's really nice and the closest to a bestfriend iv'e ever had.I wasn't aloud to talk to anyone but Ms.Darcy but,she was always fun to see.She always made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.I really miss her.I sniff back a couple of tears as I continue reading.

      Birdsdontfly_theydie: Why do people bother to read these stupid things you post?If I wanted you to know,i'd tell you!

I rolled my eyes as I replied.

         Elleegirl: @Birdsdontfly_theydie If you don't like my tweets,why do you continue to read them,dumb as!

Justin walked in just as I tweeted it.''What cha' doin'."He asked as he settled himself next to me.''Nothing,what about you?''He looked over at me.''Just lookin'.''He scooted closer to me and I snuggled into his neck.He always makes me feel safer.



Hey guys sorry this sucks but it will get better.Next chapter will rock!


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