Elenor Westchester is the nicest girl you could ever meet.But she has a secret...shes abused by her foster father and is all alone.


13. My wrists..


                     After a ''fun'' day of Emilia splashing water down my throat,I gave her a bath and tucked her into bed.''Wait!,''Emilia said,making me stop by the door way,''Mommy packed some of my favorite stories in my bag.''She said,getting out of bed and grabbing Green Eggs and Ham.''Pwease read it to me..''She begged,sticking out her bottom lip.''Fine.''I groaned playfully and took a seat on her bed.I grabbed the book out of her hand.She stared at me intently,waiting for me to start.''I am Sam,''I started.After I read half of the story,she fell asleep.I quietly tiptoed to my room where Justin stood.His back was faced to me and I couldn't help but stare.His back was so muscular.He slipped on a white t shirt.''Oh,hey.''He said to me.I snapped out of my daydream and pretended to be getting out my night clothes.''What are you doing in here?"

''I just figured you wanted some company..''

''That it?"I snapped.I was still mad at him from earlier,I hate being around Immy.

''Also,the doctor stopped by while you were at the pool.Immy said they were pills for you and that you have to take them each night.I just wanted to make sure you don't go phycopath on me.''I giggled at his comment.

''I'll take them,don't worry about it.''I grabbed the pill bottle that was thrown across my bed along with my clothes and headed to the bathroom.After I got ready I joined Justin on my bed.His face was snuggled under a pillow.I couldn't help but notice his phone was on my pillow,I bit my lip as I stared at it.I ignored my urge and pushed it out of my reach.

In the morning,his phone rang,waking me up.Justin was still asleep.I yawned and answered it.I was getting ready to tell the person Justin was a asleep when they began to groan into the phone.

''Boo,please come over now.I'm ready.''I held the phone to my chest and cleared my throat.Placing the phone back to my ear,I did my best Justin impression.

''What was it we were supposed to do again...um..ur..baby..''I said akwardly,I have no idea what i'm supposed to say,I don't even know who the hell this is!

''You know...come over.My mom's asleep,is Elenor asleep?Can you sneak out yet?"Ok,so this person does know Justin because they know me.

''Could you be a little more specific?"

''Do you know who this is?It's me,Breean.From the strip club.You said you were gonna do me at my house today.At 3:00 am,right?"My eyes burned with tears.I was about to break down.

''Please call back later!"I croaked.I couldn't talk,all I could do was cry.What could i expect from a criminal?He was getting on my last name.I put his phone back on his pillow and went to the bathroom.I found a razor in the medicine compartment in the mirror.I held it to my wrist.I couldn't fight the urge to cut anymore.I had thought of it before,but never had I decided to do it.I pushed it into my arm.Blood dripped into the sink.


After I had had enough,I cleaned off the blade and stuck it back into the mirror.I grabbed a small mouth wash cup from the pile that sat by the sink and filled it with warm water.Then I took an anti-depressant pill that the doctor sent.(He sent it with the night pills)I hate taking pills.It makes me feel like I have big problems.Like I'm not like other girls.That I'm not worthy of being free from Kevin.The thought just made me want to cut my arm more.But,I didn't.That meant the pill was working,hopefully..I patched up my arm and went back to bed.



Sorry about the CRAPPY chapter but I'm running out of ideas for this story.That doesn't mean i'm ending it though!This story has done better then all the rest of my stories and im not about to take this story away from you guys!I will update next weekend.I don't have a question this week,thank you.


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