Elenor Westchester is the nicest girl you could ever meet.But she has a secret...shes abused by her foster father and is all alone.


10. My suicide..

(Towards the second chapter play the Demi Lovato song ''Warrior'' Thanks.Oh,or after the sad scene and play her song ''I really don't care''.)

             My eyes fluttered open as I awoke.A soft snoring was heard from my side.''Huh?"I asked,turning around only to see a sleeping Justin beside me.He was shirtless,his hair was messy,and his lips were slightly parted.I got out of bed and rubbed my neck before heading to the kitchen.I thought about Kevin and how close he was to finding me.Why did he want to kill me?Why did he want me to wake up every night screaming and crying because I don't want him to hurt me.When I still lived with him,he would tie me down at night so that I wouldn't go to the kitchen to get food and possibly wake him.I stared blankly at my bowl of cereal.Why was this the life god decided to give me,hel..I don't even believe in him anymore.What is there to believe in anymore?!

          ''Hey.''Justin said in his raspy morning voice,walking towards me.''Hi,Justin.How'd you sleep?"I asked him sadly.He took a seat next to me and gave me his 'Really your asking me that?' face.''I slept well until you got up.''I hugged closer to him.''I'm sorry.''I mumbled back.He ignored my sadness and got up and grabbed his coat."I hate to leave without you or breakfast but I have to do another job.''I looked at his face carefully.''What job?"I asked my eyes tearing up.''I uh,I have to go to..''I got out of my seat and pushed past him,hot tears staining my face.I'm tired of this!All this crying!He knew this would hurt me yet he continued to kill people.What's his problem!?I got dressed and ran out the door.I didn't stop running until I hit the nicer part of the city.I stopped at a park and looked at the pink and white clouds as they floated overhead.A car parked behind me.I simply ignored it and pushed my feet back and forth in the lake below.My thoughts took over again.There's noone else to blame for my life besides myself.Justin had nothing to do with this,yet I used to blame him.If I had done something more to protect my family,they'd probably be here right now ad I wouldn't have had to get sucked up in Justin's killing sprees and other crap.My life could be better yet I refuse to look at the positives in my pathetic life.Suddenly the lake was looking more beautiful than before.(Now play ''battle scars'' by Lupe Fiasco,thanks) 

I wasted my life,there was nothing I could do,so why try?I looked at the lake again before plunging my self in.I sank to the dark bottom,which I was so happy to see.I was starting to think this lake had no ending and that it would go on forever,and I wanted this to end NOW.It would all be over soon.Suddenly a black figure appeared infront of me.Either that or I was blacking out.Whoever they were they wrapped their arm around my waist and tried to pull me up.I struggled to get out of their grip.Once I was out I swam to the bottom.(More like struggled to the bottom..)I wrapped my arms around a pole to the dock.They grabbed one of my arms and pulled hard.To be honest,It hurt to know that someone was watching me try to end my life.I was crying,which was helping me swallow water.They finally got my arms free,I was almost dead,my eyes were closing.Who would do this to me?Why would they want me to suffer?





So it's a new weekend and that means to new chapters!!And I finished AIMS,yayyyy!!I'll get my results in the summer,not that you really care,lmao!Well time for a new question.


Do you think justin should walk around with saggy pants?I sure do,it's seeeexxxxyyy!

Any way please answer!

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