Elenor Westchester is the nicest girl you could ever meet.But she has a secret...shes abused by her foster father and is all alone.


12. My family visits..


        I'm still in the hospital but,the police are now looking into Kevin's profile.Since they already know what he looks like,because of the news,it should be easier to find him.The police have been questioning me for days.I hate this,iv'e had to stay in this crazy house for more time and it's all Kevin's fault.The doctors said that they ''absolutely'' can't let me go home in my ''condition''.What condition?I'm just scared to death,i'm not crazy!

             Anyway,my aunt,Dulcie,and her daughter,my baby cousin,Emilia,are coming to see me since my mom is,you know...deceased.As I thought about the last time I saw my aunt and cousin,they walked in.

''Elenor!''Dulcie crossed the room to hug me.''It's great to finally see you again."

''You too.''I hugged her tightly and breathed in the musky scent of her perfume.She gave me a quick once-over.

''Look at you-a adult already.You grew up too fast!"She let me go and stepped back.Before I could respond,Emilia flung herself at me.''Elle,Elle,Elle!"

''Whoa,''I laughed.''You're getting so big,you'll knock me down!And look at your hair-it's almost as long as mine.''Emilia giggled and hugged me.''That's 'cause I'm almost five.Soon i'll be as big as you.''Without removing my arm from my cousin's waist,I turned back to Dulcie.

''So,are you in town for a concert or-''

''No,I just had to see you!''She interrupted.''I heard you were in the hospital and I had to see you.''She hugged me closer to her.''Look Elle,I know we haven't been there for you in a while and we came here to make up for it.''I just nodded,I figured she had some more to say and I wasn't about to be interrupted again.''Also,I wanted to know if Emilia could stay with you when you get out of here.Only about a month or two,just so I could go back to work for a while.Please,they need me back at the art studio in Delaware.Please.I can't have Emilia running around over there it's distrac-''I interrupted.''Sure I can watch her,I could find the time.''She smiled hugely and hugged me again,her big silver bracelets jingled.


                      Today I was picked up by Justin to go home.Emilia is very afraid of him which I find hilarious.I just hope Dulcie accepts him,I still haven't told her about him.She does know that I ran away from Kevin though.She told me that she never liked him in the first place and that he seemed shady.Justin really likes Emilia even though she is scared,he thinks shes adorable.''So how about,hmm,Elime?''Justin asked Emila in the car,trying to come up with a nickname for her.''No way!"She said playfully.First time she got along with him.He chuckled.''Ok,you make one then.''

''Ok..how about,Mila?"He nodded.''I like that one,how about you,Elle?"I nodded and giggled.We pulled up to the house and went inside.And you wouldn't believe who sat on the couch.The girl from the hospital when Justin was stabbed.''Oh,yeah,I forgot to tell you Immy was here.''I smiled at her and she scowled at me like she had once before.I could tell she had a thing for Justin,which I couldn't blame her for.She probably thought we were an item which I also couldn't blame her for,we acted so much like a couple.I grabbed Emilia's hand and walked her upstairs to what would be her new room for a while.''Elle,are you friends with her?"She asked me when we reached her room.''Not exactly..''I admitted to her.I grabbed the Barbie butterfly backpack on her back and took it off.''Come on,let's get you unpacked so we could go have some fun in the pool okay?"She smiled at me.'' 'kay!"She quickly grabbed her stuff and helped me put in the dresser.Then I helped her put on her bathing suit.Then I left the room and put on my bikini.''Ready to go?"I asked her and posed with my hands on my hips.''Ready!"She said to me,doing the same funny pose.We held hands and went down the stairs.I looked at the couch.Immy was asleep across his chest and Justin just sat there staring at her.Don't get the wrong idea,they had clothes on,but it made me just as mad,I just didn't show it.''Bye.''I whispered making his head shoot up and his hazel eyes focus on me.He looked at me,up and down,lust burning in his eyes.''Bye.''He bit his lip.Emilia and I turned around and walked out of the door to the backyard after smiling to him.



EXTRA LONG CHAPTER!I hope you think Emilia is cute!Tell me if you do in the comments.


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