Elenor Westchester is the nicest girl you could ever meet.But she has a secret...shes abused by her foster father and is all alone.


6. Moving on..


Hi-ya!Sorry I haven't written in awhile it's just that school just got serious with AIMS and junk so yea.Today is the first day of SPRING BREAK!I'LL BE WRITING ALL WEEK!GET READY!I miht publish two chapters today so yea it depends on how many comments I get for my contest.Bye!

''I'm so sorry..''I said lightly brushing his soft bruised cheek with my hand.''Don't be.It's not your fault babe.''He said lowering my hand and placing it in his.''It is always my fault,If I wasn't here you wouldn't be hurting right now barely able to see.''He kissed my lips softly,leaving them there then slowly pulling away.I blushed.''Never doubt yourself.''I nodded,still shocked that he had called me babe and kissed me all in the same day.But mostly because he kissed me and when he was done my lips were still puckered.He laughed at my red cheeks and playfully slapped my knees.(We were sittting on my bed criss-cross-apple sauce,if anyone still calls it that,LOL)I laughed and kissed his cheek.This time he blushed,still with that beautiful smile of his.I got up to go to the bathroom,but he pulled me back down.He forced me to lay back as I giggled at his playfulness.''What are you doing I asked him,raised my brow.''I don't what you to leave meee.''He whined.''But I have to peee!"I whined back.''Well I guess you'll have to pee on yourself.''I groaned.''Unless,of course.''He smirked raising his brow,looking all flirty,''You kiss me.''He said hovering over me.He looked so cute!"OK...''I grabbed his face and pressed it to mine.He fianally let me up.


It was later that night and Justin was watching tv on Netfilx.I was in the kitchen dicing carrots when a muscly arm wrapped around my waist and spun me around.I sqweaked and giggled.He set me down on the floor and wrapped his arm around me again facing me away from him as he whispered in my ear.''You wanna go to the club tonight?"He bit his lip sending chills down my back again.He chuckled feeling my heart beat faster.''Yea..''I said looking back behind my shoulder to look at him.I grabbed the side of his face and kissed him hard.His tongue begged for an entrance which I quickly gave to him.As we made out the front door opened revealing my best friend.We didn't stop to look at her for more than a second as we leaned on the counter never breaking apart.My hands was still on his cheeks as she entered the room.''Woah!''Sidney said excitedly as she stepped back in shock.''Naughty girl!"She said jokingly.As we broke apart I stared into his eyes.His mouth was wet from our kiss which I laughed at.''Not my fault he's a great kisser and that you don't know how to knock!"She laughed and hugged me.I've known Sidney since kindergarten when I took her cookie and she punched me in the face,then she picked up her cookie,placed it down,and continued eating her ham sandwich.I know what your thinking,how does that make us best friends?Well I was a good little girl and I admired her mean ways,I set me free.''Sup girly?"I said breaking the hug.''Well I wanted to know if you wanted to go the 8 club?"She asked happily holding both my hands,this was her way of telling me I just HAD to go.Well....''I said looking over at Justin who was eating my carrots.''Oh it's fine,''He said walking over getting carrots out of his teeth with his tongue.''I was just going to take you there anyway.''

''Ok then it's settled!As long as Justin gets to go.''I said

''Well duh!"She said dancing around.This was it,we're going out tonight!





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