Elenor Westchester is the nicest girl you could ever meet.But she has a secret...shes abused by her foster father and is all alone.


14. Let me explain..

As soon as I laid down on the bed,I heard Justin groan." Why were you u-up?''Justin asked me sleepily.

"I had to take another pill.''I know this wasn't completely true, but I did take a pill, did I not?

"Are they working?'' He asked, a little more awake now.

"Sort of.'' He had no idea how much I wanted to hurt him right now.'' Are your strippers working?''I blurted out.Why do I have such a big mouth?!


"I said, are your strippers working?'' He was finally awake now.He picked me up and slammed my back into the wall.His stomach pushed into me, giving me a weird feeling of excitement and horror.

"Don't ever disrespect me again! Understood?'' Justin was basically screaming at me.Did he just ask me if I 'understood' him?I don't remember ever telling him that he could talk to me like a dog.What makes him think that its okay now?

"No.Justin,I don't think I do.''I snapped.My legs were wrapped around his waist, my feet would dangle if I tried to put them down.My eyes were filled with tears.He held up his fist as if he were going to punch me.'' So now what? You're going to hit me?''I asked him, my eyes were overflowing and the tears were pelting my face.

"No..'' He lowered his fist but kept me up at his eyes level, which was pretty high for me.'' How did you find out?''

"One of them called.''I wasn't going to tell him that I had answered his phone, in fear of being yelled at again.My body was going numb, being pinned on a hard wall is not the most comfortable thing.He looked down then back up at me, the blackness that had been spreading in his eyes changed to hazel again.Instead of saying anything, he gently pressed his lips onto mine.

He pulled away, staring into my eyes.I kept my head down,I was way too afraid to do anything.

"I'm sorry.'' He mumbled before putting me down and climbing back into bed.I climbed in next to him and stared at the back of his head.He was shaking.I wrapped my arms around his waist and softly kissed his neck.I giggled when he started to moan.

"Are you still mad?'' He asked me.

"No.You're too easy to forgive.''I said, still kissing him. Maybe this is a bad thing. He's become more hostile since I started the pills. I try to brush off my thoughts as I snuggle into his touch and go to sleep.


I wake to the smell of bacon and pancakes, two of my favorite things. I run my eyes and get up, fixing my clothes as I stumble down the stairs.

"Yay! You're awake!" I hear in front of me but I'm much too tired to open my eyes, I can tell it's Justin though. I'm wrapped in his arms soon and I almost fall back asleep until he lets me go and fixes a plate of breakfast for me. I take a seat at the table and wait, sleepily.

Short chapter. Just wanted to update. I know I kept you waiting but I'm on Spring Break and I'm bored and in an argument with my mom do yeah, here yah go.


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