Elenor Westchester is the nicest girl you could ever meet.But she has a secret...shes abused by her foster father and is all alone.


4. I'm so sorry..


OMG!I AM SO HAPPY!This is on 8 favorite lists!Thank you so much!!:)Ok this chapeter wll be a ittle sad and happy and romantic so get ready!


After talking to Justin,I ran out to the porch and calmed down.''Hey,''Justin said looking down at me,''Mind if I sit?"I patted on the porch,motioning for him to sit.''Look,I'm sorry Justin,I'm sorry I got you into this and that I'm putting you through all this stress.''He lifted my head to look at him.''Being with you means more to me than all of that.Elenor,I know that he hurt you,but I promise that will never happen again.''I smiled and hugged him.''Thank you for everything.''He put his arm around me,sending chills down my spine.''Come on let's go back inside,it looks like it's going to start raining hard soon.''We got up and went inside.''Want to watch tv?"I asked him sitting on the couch.''Uh sure.''We turned on the news hoping to find out about a death or a crash but what we saw was way worse!''Yes,she went missing like a day ago,''Kevin cried,''I have no idea where she went or why!''He wiped off his fake tears and waited for another question.''Oh dear!Was she ever depressed or bullied?"The tall reporter asked.''No,I never noticed a mood change.''He wiped his tears again and sniffled.''PLEASE!If you have any idea where she is please,call in,PLEASE!"He yelled grabbing the guy's microphone.The man passed it back to the main news people.I quickly turned off the tv.''What!?They are after me!"I screamed.''Elle!Just calm down.''

''Easy for you to say!You kill people for a living!I've never even been in a fight before,so just stay out of it!"I yelled at him out of rage.He was shocked he just stood there,his muscles stiff,face still.I stormed out of the room.''Elle,wait!''He said finally moving.''Don't call me Elle!It's ELE-NOR!Get it correct!"I screamed slamming my door and throwing myself on my bed.I heard Justin slowly walk away from the door.Right now,the last thing I need to see is Justin.

After a while when Justin didn't come back I sneaked out of my room and to kitchen.On the counter was a small,crumpled up note.'Dear Elenor,'It read,'I'm leaving for an hour to give you some space.Be back later,bye.'I left the note on the table and went to living room to watch tv.

                                                2 and a half hours later

It has been a while and Justin still isn't back.I grabbed my keys and purse and left the house.After 30 minutes I found him,laying on the street.''JUSTIN!"I said running toward him.He wasn't moving or breathing.The ground beneath him was covered in blood and so was his shirt.''Oh my god!"I rolled him over and softly touched his soft,bruised face.A hole in his shirt was oozing blood and he was slowly waking up.''E-Ele-nor?" ''Shhh,don't talk.''I grabbed my phone and called 911.The police arrived and put him on a gerny.''It's going to be okay mam'.''The ambulance man told me.My face was drenched in tears and I was breathing hard.Hopefully the man wouldn't reconize me from the news or police reports.I pulled my hood over my head and pulled the tightening strings.



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